Got my PJFT this week just looking for some help as to what speed to run on the treadmill and any other helpful tips

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The gym where my son went to set it up for him so that he passed. He was told as long as he stayed on it that was fine
But the navy are looking for people who push themselves to get a better time than the one they set, so just try to get itnas fast as you can (within your comfort zone)


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I know. He altered the speed this last time so he ran faster. We were just both originally wondering what speed to run at so u did pass it


I always do it in under my required time but have to adjust speed as I go through it, works for me :) would like to get to stage where I'm just running flat out, that's my goal anyway.. Either way i will pass it..
9mph will result in ten minutes thirty if you run 1.5kmh. The limit would be 8.7mph I believe - but certainly aim higher than that. Although I haven't been yet, I doubt you would be able to finish your training if you wasn't fit enough to run it at around ten minutes.


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it depends on how old you are. my max time is 11:38 and i ran on treadmill around same time as i run it out side at the time 10:44. always make sure you can run the time out side as well as inside cause PRNC is the only time you will ever run on a treadmill all the rest are outside expect bleep test which is done in Gym (Sports all). Only time i ever run on treadmill was 2 weeks before PRNC other then that its all outside.

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