Pjft time


Hi all! So when I applied for the Royal Navy I was obese in my BMI and seriously unfit, but I've knuckled down big time with the help of my AFCO and the Rocky films.

My first 2.4k run 4 months ago came in at a rocking 25 minutes but since then I have been running outside consistently every other day as often as I can and managed to lose the weight to pass my medical and today's run came in at 13.24 which I'm really happy about.

My only fear is that my pjft is in 1 week, and I'm hoping hard work will get me down to the 10.30 run with the help of a couple of bananas and an adrenaline rush... I suppose I'm looking for any tips or maybe some success stories of anyone that was in roughly the same boat?

Cheers lads!


I'm actually at work at the moment and cant really think of what to search specifically for that question, so with all due respect, could I ask for helpful answers only?


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Just for clarification, three quick questions. How old are you, are you male or female and which role are you applying for?

Ultimately, your best source of advice will always be the CAs, of course, so be sure to ring them tomorrow if you are still worried.


I'm 25, male and I'm applying for a MA Submariner. I've called the CA and they have said that given the progress I've made I should just keep going and if I try my hardest I should be fine, so I suppose I'm just after any tips or motivation!


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I think that you are to be commended for having made such an excellent effort, Assantium. As far as I can see, you have halved the time it takes you to do the run in four months, which I think is amazing.

It sounds to me as though you already have this one sorted; whatever you are doing seems to have worked really well for you so far, so carry on with your runs and eating well and I think that you will see the results you are hoping for.

Your motivation could be that you are on the verge of getting an excellent job which I think you are going to enjoy trememdously and the tip is to carry on doing all the right things which have turned things round so well for you so far.

The one extra tip I would give you would be to look at the following and then speak to your CA this week about the time which you personally need to achieve in the PJFT to pass, so that you have up to date information.

Good luck!


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Ignore what people say about using the search box... I tried that and information that is from 2014 is not helpful when it is 2019.

My advice keep running. Do short distances, long distance (up to 5km), try the couch to 5km programme, try doing intervals so sprint as hard as you can for 30 seconds and then do a job for 90seconds and then as you get fitter reduce the jog time and increase the sprint time.

Do as lots of different run types, gentle jog, sprint, long/short distance.

The more you do it the easier it becomes, I was similar in the sense I could not run without feeling my lungs were about to explode. Now I run 3 times a week doing different things 2.4km, general jog and then I am part of running group so we do different runs each week.

Apparently, Beetroot Juice is supposed to increase stamina but I cannot stand the taste of it.

Best of luck!!! Hope it all goes well.