Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by MrF, Oct 14, 2015.

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  1. MrF

    MrF Midshipman

    Heads-up for anyone yet to do there PJFT run. I did mine yesterday and thankfully passed. BUT I ended up being almost a minute over over the time I'd been comfortably achieving in practice. The difference is in practice I'd been road running. Yesterday we took the test on an astro football pitch, the soft surface coupled with negotiating turns at the corners slowed everyone. No wonder there were a good few there re-taking the test.
  2. I thought the PJFT was done at a local gym.
  3. MrF

    MrF Midshipman

    Maybe some are. We did it outside around an all-weather football pitch. Soft underfoot and 31 corners to turn and get going again. Not complaining but if someone wasn't comfortably under time on the road they'd need to consider this.
  4. Ahh ok thanks for that
  5. Sure you're not talking about the RNFT at PRNC?

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  6. MrF

    MrF Midshipman

    One thing I am sure about is I was doing the PJFT
  7. I might check this with my AFCO. If it's now an outdoor run not a treadmill run I can chuck my gym membership! Only joined to get used to a treadmill as I've never used them

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  8. MrF

    MrF Midshipman

    Think the RAF use treads - at least two of my mates did for their test - it's a lot easier
  9. Did mine on a treadmill, thought they were all done on treadmills for the PJFT, mine was in June so fairly recent. I know the run at the PRNC is outside but thought all PJFT's were done on a treadmill
  10. Zeb

    Zeb Badgeman

    My son did his on a treadmill too. That was June/july
  11. Prob at the local Marriot or Holiday Inn :)
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  12. Renewed mine 2 weeks ago, was on treadmill. Must depend where your AFCO is i guess.
  13. Have mine on Monday, done it 2-3 years ago on a treadmill but now expired so doing it again at the nuffield health in Glasgow, all forms say for a treadmill.
    Bondy93 is probably right, must depend on where the AFCO is I suppose.
  14. The run's outside at AFCO Belfast, 8 times round an astro pitch and you've no idea if you're on time or not. Everyone should do tests under the same conditions. After all lifting your legs on a treadmill, knowing the speed it's going will get you a pass is a different thing altogether.

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