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Hi, i'm going to my nearest AFCO tomorrow to hopefully start my application for the royal navy. My question is, how long do they normally give people to train for the fitness test? I've just been on the treadmill now and after 12 mins 20 secs i still had just under 0.2 of a mile left to run, so i know i'm not ready for the PJFT just yet! probably need to shave about a minute or so off my time!
Hey, well I've got mine on Wednesday, I applied around 5 weeks ago. If you really get stuck into the gym though you'd be fine. When I first went to the gym, I was struggling to run just 10 minutes, but now im managing around 4.5 miles in 35 mins ... which considering I hadnt ran in 4 years Im quite impressed with.



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The geezer did for me, he had a handy little chart and was very helpful. To be honest though you should get yourself down the gym a few times a week from now on as this should be the test you worry about least IMHO.
Oh, thats alright then! Yeah i'm gonna practice everyday now. I've done the written test, i passed that. So i think it's just the PJFT and the medical that i need to do, is that right?


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Thats about right although all AFCO's seem to be slightly different. Did my eye test same day as RT, then medical and interview the week after. Then PJFT within 28 days of interview. What branch you going for?
Whats the interview like? I'm quite nervous about that aswell. I'm going for Naval Airman (aircraft handler), What are you going for?


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I though it was pretty informal, must admit the RM WO1 who conducted mine hade a sense of humour and was a decent fella. Mind you I'm navy nuts so had no bother with answering questions etc. Just do your reasearch and you'll be fine. I'm going CIS
hi bh89!
I had to book my own fitness test so there's no pressure to do it before your fit!
The fitness instructor sort out the speeds for you! just tell them a time you want to do it in! I did mine in 11:27(which is just a jog)!
just get in the mindset that it's 12 mins and you've passed!
good luck


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I would direct you to the interview link in the Newbies section but it doesn't seem to be working. The main things are how long HMS Raleigh lasts, then where your phase 2 training is and how long that lasts. What you will be doing in your chosen branch etc. But you should know all that as you chose it right?!


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About right. HMS Raleigh for 9 weeks then 16 weeks for me phase 2. May be different for a WAFU so you'd better brush up on your particular trade.

Confirm 9 weeks HMS Raleigh, 6 months RNAS Culdrose.

hammers said:
About right. HMS Raleigh for 9 weeks then 16 weeks for me phase 2. May be different for a WAFU so you'd better brush up on your particular trade.
Hey hammer. When you going on a RNAC? i should be booked up for up soon. :)


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Aint got a start date for HMS Raleigh yet chico, waiting on security clearance. Not sure if I will do RNAC, would rather dive head first into Raleigh

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