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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Miss_Naughty, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Probably a bit of a silly question, but I won't know the answer unless I ask so here goes:

    Just came back to UK after spending a year out in Gibraltar because want to join the Navy and am not allowed to do so from there - went down to my AFCO in Luton today and got all the paper work etc. Including info on PJFT, but I'm slightly confused ...

    Surely the PJFT cannot merely be a 2.4KM run on a treadmill? No push ups or sit ups, Underarm Heaves? I know the Army ask for all these and assumed the Navy would do as well? I'm only asking so I know what to train up for.

    If someone could give me some info on what exactly the PJFT comprises I would be forever greatful.

    Ta in Advance,

  2. Yeah, just your mile and a half on the treadmill, you'll do all your pressups, situps and whatnots at Raleigh so you should train for all of them. Good luck!
  3. also dont forget the drinking to be done
  4. The PJFT is a very basic test. All the other fitness work is done at Raleigh, assuming that people will have to be trained for this from scratch.

    Push ups and such aren't hard anyway, so it's not a great indicator of fitness, mostly just seems to be a way of instilling discipline.
  5. Yes thats right my huggable 33 year old man did it in the youngest time so its really very easy, the PT at Raliegh was also not awful just try your best and put in 110% you the PTIs where human he said.

    Also the runnning at Raligh is round a astro pitch (and he said its not flat and as you went round and round it seemed so much longer) so make sure you do this to, my OH found road running easier and could do it in 10 mins 30 secs, while was about 11mins on a tredmil, some people are slower on the road so do both.

    Many people did fail the sit ups/push ups ONLY as they are done to a beep, and when people train for them they dont do it in that way, so if your local gym does anything like that (oh and circit training) then do it.
  6. PNW doe you do all the talking in your house? Bet your hubby cannot get a word in edgeways.No wonder he went and joined up.Get some peace and quiet.
  7. hahaha very funny!

    strange as I have posted less then 5 times in the last month (roughly) no when he gets back I can never get a word in as its Navy this Navy that.

    I thought my above post was being helpful espically about the sit ups and press ups as quite a few failed because of the beep system.
  8. Carry on with the good work PNW !!!
  9. Thanks a lot to everyone who replied for helping clear that up I just wasn't too sure it sounded right.

    I handed my application in today, said they'd contact me to book my Psychometric testing. So fingers crossed I don't have to wait too long, I had to wait nearly two months with the Army between submitting my application and doing my BARB - I'm not going to be looking at this type of time frame again am I?

    Anyway, thanks again to everyone who replied!

  10. You shouldn't do, i waited two weeks to do my psychometric test after handing in my application. That was because i asked for an extra week as i couldn't get the time off work to do the test the following week, but the whole process is slowly dragged out, handed in my application two months ago and only did the medical last week, it is just hoops you need to jump through as and when required!!
  11. Ferkin hell Deeps PMSL :lol: true but, You on short rations mate?
  12. Don't take any notice he's on short rations, so a bit grumpy. Plus he's a pongo now. :oops:

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