PJFT Monday Jan 4th

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dabbzie, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. As above title thread suggests i have my PJFT monday Jan 4th at 06.30. Ive never really been a fan of running, in fact i hate it, i much prefer sports tennis, badminton etc, however i have been training and i have managed to get my time down to 15.02 and still decreasing, pass time is 15.55 (F +30). I have never run on the road uptil about a month ago and my start time was 20mins + approx, so dont think im doing too bad. I currently have two jobs and the hours i work do not allow me to train nearly half as much as i would like.
    I know it is not the greatest time, i dont need you lot to tell me that :D, but im going to try my luck on a treadmill on thurs and sat to see how i get on, so i can get my speed sorted for monday, im not a member of a gym so im getting a friend to guess pass me in.
    keep your fingers X'd
  2. Good luck. Work hard
  3. I normally enjoy running outdoors, so wasn't to bothered about my PJFT. But after 6 mins of running as fast as my little legs would carry me, I was hanging out. I should have practiced on a treadmill. Thats what I get for being big headed. Good luck!
  4. I passed mine August last year and for me i found the treadmill harder than the road. Did mine in 13:40 on treadmill but im a bit faster on road.

    Good Luck

  5. i have run on treadmills before and i found it easier to be honest but since i have been running on the road i have no idea how fast ive been running and therefore i dont know what speed to set treadmill at, trial an error i think.
  6. Better get busy then. Some form of phys once a day (ignore rest days at your level of fitness- you ain't working hard enough to need one) be it pressups or a run.
  7. Good stuff and I wish you luck in keeping it up.

    As a suggestion, I tend to measure out my runs on Google Earth and then make sure I time them every time. If you do, say, a 3 mile regular run at a standard pace and can do it in twice your maximum allowed time, you know that you can push it a bit more on the day. I am always wary of the differences between running outside and on a tread mill - especially at this time of the year.

    For someone working up from a low level of fitness I would also suggest using a heart rate monitor to optimise your training.
  8. You forgot the link fella lol
  9. Dabbzie: Male or female ?? - Good luck whichever it is.....
  10. Make sure you can swim when you get to raleigh too. Unbelievable the amount of people who cant when they turn up.
  11. Nah don't worry about that, if you have to swim in the Navy then things have gone very very wrong for you.
  12. Great site - thanks for the link.
  13. Hi dabbzie,
    I passed my PJFT on the 23rd December '09 and was told for me to complete the run within the allowed time (13.18) I would have to run at 11kmph. I set it at 11.5kmph and ran it in 12.32, (Male 34).
    I don't envy you having to run after your christmas dinner, it was such an incentive to pass first time :lol:
    I'm back at the gym for the first time since all the dinners tomorrow, shouldn't take long to run it off :)
  14. im female, im thinking of worse case senario here, what happens if i dont make time allowed do they shoot me in the head on the spot,? i know i have 3 atemps but how long do i have between each fitness test?
  15. Have a word with yourself newbie. Work your guts out first time to the point that you either A: vomit at the end of 2.4km or B: Die. You shouldn't be physically capable of a second attempt until the doctors find a way to put your lungs back in.

    Stop being so bloody slack woman, and give you head a wobble.
  16. Dabbzie, I love your profile pic! Gotta love Scully. Hehe.
  17. jonno, is right!! Be positive, you will pass!!
    Have a go at your friends gym on the treadmill and see how you go.
    When I went for my test they allowed me 5 mins warm-up I arrived early and was allowed 10 mins, giving me a bit more time to get used to their machine :)
    Give it your all, its quite amazing how determined you will be on the day, to pass, you'll probably get yourself a new PB :eek:
  18. the guy who is supervising you will set the treadmill to the minimum speed you need to do to achieve your time. If you do a bit of digging around in here, there is a post somewhere that states what speeds you need to run at to achieve what times.

    Talking to the guy who supervised me, I asked him if many people failed and he said it was mainly people who didn't bother doing any training and people who had never run on a treadmill before, so best thing is to just get practicing on a treadmill.
  19. Just to add my two cents: my PJFT is on the 3rd, and I began training in earnest about three weeks ago. I went from a time far the other side of 13 mins to a current average of 11mins 20. I can't emphasise enough what poor shape I was in before - not large by any means, but exercise had just not featured on my agenda, and just to add to it I'd smoked for a few years. A two-miler every day and a swim when I could fit one in has sorted me out. I suppose my point is that if you put in the time and effort (and at this point you REALLY need to), you can manage it. If I can, so can you! It's also worth adding that I found a treadmill very different to road running; starting today I've joined a gym so that my last week of training can be done in similar conditions. BEst of luck with it though, I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine if you work at it.
  20. Thanks JW7121 ive found it, great help thanks again


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