I did mine on Saturday, and thought I'd share some info:

You have to use the 'quick start' function for some reason, and then basically hold your finger on the speed up arrow. My treadmill wasn't exactly great, so be warned that it takes quite some time to get up to your required speed. I lost about 15 secs within the first 400m. You're not going to get that back! So if you're borderline, or looking to run a decent time, take that into account.

Why they don't use the actual fitness test programme is beyond me. Or even manual start where you can programme the pace in straight away.

I also found it incredibly hard to adjust pace while on the fly (e.g. like you want to ramp it up nearing the end), trying to keep a steady hand/arm pressing this small arrow, so you might want to practice that.


Lantern Swinger
Bear in mind that entirely depends on where your PJFT is; where I was sent, the woman doing it only started counting once it got up to speed, which didn't take long at all.

Going at least slightly faster than the minimum speed is always a good idea, though.


Guess you were lucky then! It should be the same method used for everyone surely in terms of fairness. I ran well inside the required time, it was just slightly annoying for my own personal records.

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