PJFT help

I hope someone will be able to help me with this.
I just recieved my forms about booking my PJFT, but the cover letter that came with it talks about doing the RM path i.e. two runs and then going to POC after that. I am applying for RN pilot and I am pretty sure that I have FAT and AIB after PJFT and filter interview. Should I contact AFCO about it or is it not a problem so long as the other forms are fine? Also from all that I have read I thought I only had one run to do. It really isn't a problem if I have to do two, I would just rather know before I get there.

What do you think? Contact your AFCO. There was probably a slight mix up in paperwork. Confirm with them your job choice and get the right paperwork sent out. Make a decision and do it. After all you want to be a pilot. Get it right first time - your aircraft crew might thank you for it in the future if you make it.
just run and get your times right
but by the way you talk if you cannot understand
your letter about pjft you got no place as an officer
i had lots worked weith me lots up top no cdf

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