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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by smircula44, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. When you do the PJFT do you have to run the whole thing at 1 set speed, or can you speed up or slow down the treadmill as you please? Or is it the gym instructor who chooses your speed/s?
  2. When i did mine the instructor told me the consant speed needed for time of the run. But you can speed up or slow down as you like as long as you complete the run.

    Hope this helps.

  3. As Dogfish said you can speed up, as long as you hit the distance set within the time you'll be OK
  4. I thought as much. I have already failed it once due to the gym instructor not knowing how to run the test. He said I had to do it at 12.5kmph and couldnt slow down!

    So now I'm having to go to a different gym thats 4 times the distance away, as Ive checked with them and they said I can change my own speed as long as I do it in the time needed.
  5. Sorry if i'm wrong but i don't think i am, i thought the minimum kph was 14.6 to get a pass...
  6. No, you are definately wrong, I have the sheet in front of me sent from the AFCO and the time needed is 12:20, or in my case 12:48 as I'm over 25.

    If you ran 14.6kmph for the whole 2.4km run you would do it in 9:52 which as you can see is 3:28 faster than needed or in my case 3:56 faster.
  7. Hi Shippers, I had my PJFT yesterday and passed.

    Its really easy long as you have done a little training.

    Walked in and got weighed and measured.
    Had to sign and date a form after she had read some instructions on what we would be doing including the minimum speed required to complete the test.
    She showed me how the running machine worked.
    She then made me go through a short muscle warm up.
    I was then allowed to start the test, hit quick start on the runner and go at whatever speed I liked. So I just hit 14 and got it over with pretty quickly. Nothing to worry about mate!

    Good luck!
  8. Ive done it at the gym myslef a good few times now, the fastest I have done it is 12:21, (I need 12:48), but for some reason I can do it alot faster when I'm not on a treadmill, I can do it in about 11 minutes. I dont know why this is?!?!
  9. I take it you are female? With mentioning those times?
  10. errrrm, actually no, Im not :pissedoff:
  11. Like I said I think its running on teh treadmill thats the problem. The last time I did it on a track I did it in just under 11 Minutes, and I think I could probably do it faster than that now.
  12. Back when i did my PJFT (for RM) after being weighed/measured and a quick brief i was given an option of doing my own warm up (i declined as isnt running a warm up in itself?)

    Stood on the treadmill and the trainer asked what speed i wanted to run at, i asked him to set it to the max which is 16km/h, he let me get up to speed before he started timing and it was all over in 9 minutes flat.

    I would suggest that is the best way of doing it (make sure you have a go on the treadmill at that speed beforehand as it is by no means a comfortable running speed) as it is over quickly and you have an impressive time to go back to the AFCO with!
  13. smircula44
    You did'nt specify wether you are going for RN, or RM.
    If you are going for RN, then I think 12.20 may well be correct as the minimum speed, but if you are going for Diver, or Royal Marine, then 14.6 is the min.

    (Just for the record, I've worked in gyms for years, and not all treadmills even of the same brand and model run at the same speeds displayed)

    ...but the engineers wont admit it
  14. RN, but I already knew the time, it's 12:48 as I'm over 25. I was just querying how the test is conducted by the gym instructors. The one I went to first time obviously either hasnt got a clue what he's doing, or he's deliberatley being a nob, either way, I dont fancy doing it there again. So I'm having to travel an hour on teh train to go to the next nearest one, which Im not too happy about. But if thats what I have to do then I suppose I'll have to do it.
  15. I have to say that some gym instructors are far more helpful than others, however it's your responsibility to pass and only your fault if you fail. I failed once and my gym instructor at the time was pretty useless. He didn't do or suggest any stretches and we didn't do a warm up. He just put me on the treadmill as soon as I had been weighed and told me to run. If I had been more prepared and assertive at the time however, I would have passed so it was my fault for failing.

    The second time I went the gym I had a different instructor who was much more helpful. We did a thorough warm up and when I was running he stood at the side of me, egging me on to keep going which was actually very helpful. He made me run at 14 kph even though I'd been training at 13 kph. That's the sign of a good instructor when they can push you further than you've been before.

    When you go in the gym make sure you drink plenty of water and have a good warm-up and you should be fine!
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Good points Helios.

    We constantly strive to ensure the staff at the PJFT centres are adequately briefed on conducting the test correctly, however it seems that they have fluctuating standards.

    The only real way to ensure high standards are maintained (apart from the obvious "secret shopper") is for candidates to provide feedback at AFCO level.

    The only problem on this score is that the only ones who complain are the ones that don't pass, so it is very difficult to have an entirely objective view on the standards being maintained.
  17. Maybe a trial could be done, where each applicant is given a feedback form to be filled in and given back to the AFCO, the next time they attend or it can be posted?

    That way, the ones who have passed can also get a say, without being named?
  18. I understand that it is my responsibilty to be prepared for the PJFT, but surely I should take the same test as everyone else, otherwise it isnt a fair test for everyone.
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As stated, only those that fail seem to be aware of the shortcomings. If you can run the distance in the required time, then it's very hard to see how you can achieve failure. If someone aged 46 & can do it in under 12 mins 20secs, I fail to see what the problem is with someone 20 years younger achieving this.

    As pointed out, maybe we should give everyone a feedback form, but to be honest it's hard enough trying to get everyone to fill out a 21 page security questionnaire correctly or provide 4 passport photos when requested, I'm not optimistic on more paperwork assisting the process to be honest.
  20. Of course only those that fail are aware of the short comings, if I had passed the test there would have been no need for me to look into it. I don't see what relevance this has to be honest. The fact of the matter is that a constant speed of 12.5 Kmph means you would do the 2.4km run in 11:32, which is 1:16 faster than the 12:20 stated on the test forms the AFCO send you.

    Can you imagine if kids sitting GCSE's or A-Levels all over the country got different times to complete the exams depending on what thier teachers/examiners felt like? No, neither can I, because it would be madness! It would be an unfair test depending on where abouts in the country you lived.

    Like I said before, I know I could have been more prepared for the PJFT, and I'm not even saying I would have passed the test if hadn't been done the way it was. But from what I can gather by speaking to a different gym, people off here, and other people who have done the test I had to do it differently, which makes the PJFT I failed unfair - FACT

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