PJFT - have you had the same letter?

Hey guys,

My PJFT forms came through the post the other day after some delays due to a change of ACLO!

On the letter it says that I will need to do two runs (each 1.5 miles), the first needs to be under 12mins30 and the second under 10mins30. I went for a practice run yesterday at Fitness First and one of the PT's told me that you get a 30 second rest inbetween them but he wasn't 100% sure. On the results form it mentions that the 2nd run is only recorded for Royal Marines (i'm going for Fleet Air Arm by the wa). My target time as I mentioned above is 10mins30, yet I was under the impression from the brochures etc. that the pass mark was 12mins something.

Is this what other people have had too? Im just wondering if my ACLO sent me the marines form by accident as it says at the bottom that if i'm successful, a POC would be arranged (I thought the POC was only for marines or am I mistaken here?).

All replies very much appreciated!
If you're joining the RN the best time you will need to get is 12:20 I believe, that's a single 1.5 mile run.

As far as I can tell you're looking at some Royal Marines recruitment literature.


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I am going for my PJFT this weekend and the letter i received does not sound the same as yours. Mine explains that i have to take the test with in 28days of the letter, book it within 7days and breaks down the times for each age group and sex that would be a pass. It's 12.20 for me.

I am no expert but it doesn't sound like the letter for the RN, maybe it is the RM one.
I think maybe he is referring to the actual fitness test form which is completed by the staff at the gym. This has a section for RM candidates on it if I remember correctly.....

But I am getting on a bit so my memory might not be serving me so well.... :roll:
Please don't think i'm whinging about not being fit enough etc. I can run the 1.5 miles quite comfortably and was only asking because I thought it was strange I had to do the equivalent of a RM PJFT. I rang my ACLO today to tell him about this and he says the letter was right, so this is what I will be doing for my PJFT although i'm applying for the Navy: (reference from the RM website)
"Pre-joining fitness test:

In order to ensure that RM candidates are able to complete the three mile run they will undertake the PJFT.This will consist of 2 x 2.4km runs;the first run to be completed within 12m 30s, the second run, to be best effort, but within 10m 30s, with a minute rest in between the two runs. The runs are to be conducted on a 2 degree inclination on the running machine."

My ACLO said everyone in the Navy had to do this! Oh well, atleast I can say i'm Royal Marines fit! :D


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I am going to go and double check my letter, i am sure that is completely different to mine. I can do the run in under 12.20 quite easily but i want to double check so i know what to expect on the day.

When are you going for yours?
I have my mine booked this weekend! I was always under the impression you only had to do one run of 1.5 miles, so I was a bit surprised when I found out I had to do two runs! My letter never mentioned anything about the age/sex timing categories, this is the table that was on mine:

Age Attempt Time
All Run 1 12mins30
All Run 2 10mins30

I spoke to someone I knew who did their PJFT a while back and he said all he did was a walk for a bit to warm up, ran his 1.5 miles with no incline, and that was him done! Nevermind, i'm just gonna run my best and tell myself if I don't run faster I won't get in the Navy!
Does it look like this???

(To be completed by the candidate prior to conducting the PJFT)

Name Name Date of Birth DD MM YYYY

Candidate Number
Target Time

12 mins 20 secs

Note: For RM candidates only record 2nd Run on TAFMIS(J)
(RM Only)

10 mins 30 secs

I certify that I consider myself fit to undertake the PJFT. I have received a comprehensive brief on the PJFT, I know the target time I must achieve and how the running machine works.

Candidate’s Signature


If so read the note:-

For RM candidates only record 2nd Run on TAFMIS(J)
(RM Only)

10 mins 30 secs

for RM only!!!!


I remember my form when i done the pjft in june it had the royal navy recruits 1.5 mile run in under 12.20 but it also had royal marines 1.5 mile run in 12.20 and a second run in 10.30 in a seperate box on the forum it also stated this only applies to royal marines as regards to the second 1.5 mile run.
so my advice is on the day of your pjft you will probably be asked if your Joining the RN or RM (i was anyway)just say your going for the RN and enjoy your 1.5 mile run in under 12.20 and btw for anybody whos worried abt the 1.5 mile run its a piece of p1ss i was worried as hell abt it and found it easy my time was 11.10 and im a lazy bastard who hardly ever exercises.


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Well i have checked my letter again and it's definately different to yours. I am sure everything will be ok on th day though.

SM - Your post seemed to be saying i should have a form to take with me that needs to be completed? Am i assuming wrong? All i have is my letter and vouchers to go to the gym where the test is being taken.

SuperMario, my results form does look like that, but my target time is 10mins30 for both bits (no mention of 12mins20 anywhere). The bottom line is, is that I have rang my ACLO and he told me that I will have to do 1.5 miles in under 12mins30, and another 1.5miles in under 10mins30.

*By the way JJP23, yes you should have a results form which the PT at the gym needs to fill out and return to OCLC Manchester.*
12:20 is the target time for all lads below 25 at the PJFT. 12:30 + 10:30 are the target times for all RMs (Other rank and officer). Only RM's do the 2 stage run with a 1 minute break between.

Hope this helps


Update: I rang my AFCO to get a second opinion who told me to ring Manchester and speak to the RBM (who is above the ACLO as far as i'm aware) as they don't deal with officer candidates. Did that but spoke to a woman there (who said the RBM had nothing to do with it!), saying that my ACLO was wrong and that she would sort it out. All I have to do now is get a new PJFT form (the Navy version!) from my local AFCO tomorrow and smash the 1.5 mile run at the weekend!

I'm surprised how my ACLO could be wrong about something like this :?

Thanks for your contribution though guys! Goodluck to anyone who is doing their PJFT soon.
RBM's are the regional business managers and have nothing directly to do with recruiting of officers or ratings. From the beginning of September all AFCO staff will deal with any candidates (Officer/rating). You will only be passed over to the ACLO's once you have been RT tested, Medicalled and PJFT'd.

Yes you will need the PJFT results form to take with you when attending the gym




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Just thought i would add to the posts on here because i have just spoken to my AFCO and apparentley things have changed. So if anyone else is wondering about the forms etc then this is what they said:

They do not give candidates a results form any more, take the letter about the PJFT with you on the day and the gym will electronically raise a form that gets emailed to the AFCO. However, if you have not heard back from the AFCO after a few days of passing then call them to make sure the results have been received.

I don't know if this is the same for all areas but hope it helps.

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