PJFT freak out

it's a week until my fitness test and I'm freaking out. I've done this run a million times over, and been fine. I completed a moc fitness test last week, and completed the 2.4km run within 12 minutes 14 seconds ( I need to complete it in under 13 minutes 10 seconds ). I then ran this again today and could only manage 2.2km in 11.35. This is my final attempt as I failed the other two - I took one attempt with shin splints and the other during a court case. I've trained for well over a year now for this. I use to be a national swimmer - swimmers are known for not being able to run so running has been a hell road for me.

Has anyone got any suggestions on how to calm my nervous and to stop me from panicking?

Thank you for your fourthcoming replies


I know of a few little things that helped me. I genuinely believe they helped however they could have been placebo. Vicks rub for your chest/throat, glucose tablets for sugar levels and lucozade sport for electrolytes.

Arrive at the gym early, begin walking, moving, some times incorporating the odd sprint just to get the blood pumping, this can be more than beneficial (Don't do static stretches and don't over do it with warming yourself up).

Eat flawlessly leading up to it, and load up on carbs the night before. Have a good breakfast around two hours before (porridge with a banana possibly, also eat an orange). Then about 30mins before pop a glucose tablet. You have a weeks till then so make sure you don't waste it, however don't over do it.
Thank you for your reply, I'll try the Vicks rub this week to see if it makes a difference!

What calmed your nerves before your fitness test out of curiosity?

Also, what dynamic stretches should I be doing instead of static? I've always done static stretches before running, and only really done dynamic stretches for swimming


Before the test I woke up early and just started prepping right away, this helped.

I like saunas and swimming personally for relaxation. Nothing better than taking 3 litres of water into a sauna and just drinking the water whilst sweating it straight back out with some reading material (Navy News of course).

Another thing that helps me with motivation for running is, I listen to podcasts on an app instead of music, it acts as an incentive, the more running I do, the more podcast I get through (Dan Carling hardcore history is a favourite of mine).

Sleeping patterns is what I try to get on top of when I am stressed. I make sure I wake up at 7ish and go to sleep around 11ish, this coupled with a diet and training routine helps me stay focused.


Dynamic stretches are golden whilst prepping for this.

The way I do things is Dynamic stretches before I train to maximise performance and Static Stretches after to minimise recovery. Google differently Dynamic stretches and just do ones that you think will best assist you, just make sure they are varied.

However with Static stretches spend about 30mins doing these and make sure you are targeting muscles you actually just worked.

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Go for a run, today and tomorrow but keep the pace a little bit slower than you'll need to run on the day (I assume you know what pace you'll need to run to pass).

Thursday, do a timed 2.4km run outdoors at the pace you'll need on the day. If you slow down towards the end, don't worry just don't walk.

Saturday, do another mock test on a treadmill this time (it will help with your running form). Just make sure you persevere as completing this will tear down a massive mental barrier for the day of the test and will increase your confidence.

Good luck.


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Freaking out for the PJFT does not bode well for what you will experience at HMS Raleigh. The advice you have been given may work in isolation but don't expect to be afforded the same level of preparation during the PRNC and in phase 1 training. Good luck
The luxary of having a Gym with a sauna and steam room is a bonus definitely! Not too sure listening to podcasts is my thing, but listening to music helps calm nerves occasionally!

I'll let you know how I get on; thank you for your help!
I run at 11.8km when I need to run st 11.2km minimum. I usually then within the last few minutes sprint at 16km and hold the pace to the finish.

Thank you for the advice!
I think it's more nerves than anything just because I doubt myself too much. I know basic training will be tough based on what my partner has told me (he's in the raf). It's more the running side of things because I use to be a national swimmer, running is completely new to me!

Thank you for your reponse


If I'm honest you should be good, when I did mine the guy observing just put the treadmill to a high enough speed and you just hold on, you'll be fine if you've practiced and trained enough beforehand


I know this is an old thread by now but I have mine in a few weeks and I've done the test numerous times and get 10mins 21secs but the last 500meters I use my one hand to and rest it over the screen not holding on or resting my weight or anything but to just keep my balance as I turn the speed up more is this aloud or not?