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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Powder, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi there. I completed my psychometric (RT) test last week. I have been told that I will recieve a letter within the next 2 weeks discussing when my dates are for the medical and the PJFT. We have been told that we need to run 1.5mi in under 12min 20.
    Is the running the only thing you need to do, as I have read posts on here talking about swimming tests aswell?

    To clarify, I am refering to the first Fitness test after the psychometric test, that is after the medical in a civi fitness centre.

    Thanks in advance
  2. The PJFT is purely a 1.5mile (2.4km) run.

    You will no doubt do some swimming at some point but it does not form part of the selection process.
  3. Thanks for the fast reply!
    So this is just the test that everyone has to undergo before they can be accepted into the RN?
    Then there will be a more specific fitnes test nearer the time?

    Does this also mean that the Medical I will be having is a general medical that everyone has to undergo before joining the Navy, or will this medical be more specific because I've signed up as a pilot?
  4. You have a swim test at the AIB, you have to tread water for two minutes then swim 50m and pull yourself out of the pool so nothing too taxing. As far as I know the medical's the same for everyone though as a pilot you need to good eyesight.
  5. Unless they have changed the format radically since Wednesday when i passed AIB, there is no swim test at all. The only thing they test fitness with is the MSFA bleep test.
  6. My bad there is no swim test at AIB.
  7. The initial medical which you will take before PJFT is a general RN medical. If you pass AIB then your aircrew medical will follow - this is of course dependant on your FAT scores and whether your aircrew application is carried forward.
  8. You will be required to do a PJFT (Pre Joining Fitness Test) which is (as a male under 25) a 2.4Km run in 12 mins 20 seconds or less. There is no swimming test, no press ups/sit ups test, just the run.

    You'll of course have to go through the medical, but fitness should not be an issue there.
  9. How come you have to wait 2 weeks for a letter after your RT test? I passed my RT on Weds. and now have my interview and medical Monday morning. Was also told I would have my PJFT within a week or two.
    Seems strange how mine is being done so quick compared to yours.
  10. Ive got to say that the new method of officer selection is far superior to the old system. I gather that as two years back you would go to your ACLO, have a chat and fill in the AIB forms and were sent down to HMS sultan! Theoretically speaking, this meant that you could get an unfit person who would flunk their MSFA and medical down to Sultan, taking the place of someone who was acually suitable for service in the RN.
  11. Maybe its because youre at a different AFCO to me, the doctor is available for different slots, or what not.
    I got an email sent with the date and times of my medical and PJFT, because of the London postal strikes.
  12. However now it can take up to a year to get through the process depending on your AFCO, too many hoops inmho.
  13. Yeah, I think it does take quite long. Atleast im still studying A-Levels though so its not like im forced to take a gap year. Had a friend applying to the RAF as a pilot, he missed a few points off his apptitude tests and has to wait 6 months to retake. Long Process!
  14. Have to say I'm quite lucky with my AFCO, hearing stories on here about it taking a year and such...

    Just had a medical today (obviously just a standard one to test my hearing, blood pressure and lung capacity). Sure there'll be a much longer one down at HMS Sultan after the AIB.

    Sift interview on Monday although when I told the officer over the phone that I was currently working in a pub part-time, he said right so we'll try and aim to get you in for January. I thought that was quite early after reading posts on here but I'm not going to complain!!

    Have to book up my PJFT test within next 28 days, should pass nice and easy, anyone who's serious about joining up should do be fair though.
  15. Yeah lucky and not so lucky in the same way. Atleast busier AFCOs give you more time to prepare for them? Saying that, 5 weeks is a lot haha. I have my medical and PJFT on the same day (if im feeling upto it.) So that should be handy. Hopefully have a few weeks to prepare for the Sift interview. I am already revising on navy-news current affairs and all that side of it. There are SO many threads for RT, but I havent come across any that are about sift interviews yet. Will have to do some searching!
  16. I have got my interview, medical and PJFT all on the same day. Did you do your medical etc?
  17. Oh that must be a bitch!
    I have my medical on 20th (so a week from today) and the PJFT is on the same day. I guess after I pass those two then I will get a letter regarding the sift.
  18. My son failed his pjft yesterday, he full of cold and was unable to finish....any advice
  19. Call the AFCO to see if/when your son can retake it.

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