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Hey, I'm going to Scotland for my PJFT and I'm curious, what are the full entry requirements to get into the Navy (in terms of fitness) I've only been told about the running and the swimming but I can't remember the exact requirements to pass those ( Tread water for 3 minutes and swim 2 lengths in under 4 minutes ?????).

What I'm basically asking is: Do I need to do a minimum amount of push-ups and pull-ups or sit-ups?
You should have already done, and passed, your PJFT - that was the 2.4km run on a treadmill at a gym. Sounds like you are going to Scotland for the acquaint course. This is a four day course at MOD Caledonia in Rosyth. There you will have to do the 2.4k run again but on a track rather than a treadmill. There is a chance you might have to to a bleep test instead if the track is frozen. That's what happened on my acquaint course this time last year.

There are no exact requirements for push-ups or sit-ups, just maximum effort. You'll do a circuit in the gym with one of the PTIs while you are there too. I remember thinking that the circuit was brutal and it made me dread the phys at Raleigh. Looking back however I wish all gym circuits were as easy as the one I did that day… You'll have to do the same swim test which is easy if you can swim. Four minutes seems like a long time, and it is, but unlike the running test it's not to see how fast you are, it's to see if you can swim or not.

You'll also spend a day at HMNB Clyde at Faslane, about a 90 minute bus journey. If you're lucky you'll get a ship visit while you are there. Food at Faslane is much better than at Caledonia!
From your signature it seems like you have yet to complete the PJFT, but as they are desperate for your trade you have been offered a Jan date and you are to complete it for the first time during the PRNC; is that the case? If so then you will need to run the 2.4km in an alloted time for your age:

Get fit to join | Royal Navy

If you have already done it then it's just a case of doing it again in the same time constraints. Good luck!
Thanks guys!

They sent me a list of the things I will be doing while up at Scotland and one of them does involve going to Faslane. I did complete a 2.4km run a couplel of months ago (I think around 9:34-ish). But I'm a little nervous so I tried to find out if there was any other requirements, but it was for the Austrailian Navy (25 sit-ups/pull-ups).

Only 8 Days till I go too! Again, thanks guys!:)


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The Pre Joining Fitness Test (PJFT) is conducted within 28 days of passing the medical examination and the PJFT letter sent to the individual provides the clue at the time.

The Pre Royal Navy Course (PRNC) is conducted after the PJFT and after an entry date has been allocated. A letter is sent prior to the course outlining the fitness parameters that must be passed (1.5 mile run & 50 metre swim). More here on the PRNC tab:
Tests & interviews | How to join | Royal Navy
Wheyyy! Also, is there anyway on this site I can post to see if anyone will be going to Scotland from around my area?

Thanks either way!


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Wheyyy! Also, is there anyway on this site I can post to see if anyone will be going to Scotland from around my area?

Thanks either way!
Why not calm down and read ALL of the threads on the Royal Navy Recruiting Thread before attracting attention for the wrong reasons which can get messy!
Well excuse my excitement. It's kind of hard to just 'calm down' when your so close to doing what you've always wanted to do. I don't see any harm in just asking.

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