PJFT Confusion

I've had a little confusion over my PJFT results and I just wanted to ask if anyone else had come across this or whether I'm missing something..

Completed the run a couple weeks ago, did it with the time which is 13.10 for me...

Now the confusion comes with my form.. The guy who monitored the run has put my actual time down on the form, only to then cross it out and put a time 30 seconds less.

I don't really know why he's done this when I passed anyway with my original time. Is the PJFT time compared against run times at PRNC/Raleigh? And has anyone else seen this before?
I did think that but even if you set the automatic start button and go straight into 11kph (minimum to pass) it still comes in on time, even though it takes time to get upto speed, so there should be no reason to adjust the time it says on the treadmill.

My time was knocked down to 12:30, am I expected to achieve/beat this time when I get into training?
I'm not sure because I'm still waiting for my dates myself but I do know on the PRNC there's a certain percentage allowance extra on the completion time for the 2.4km run (not sure what it is tho) but I reckon aiming for that time won't do much harm anyway haha
I start Raleigh 9th Oct so I should be OK by then. There's obviously issues if not jaha. Not got a PRNC date yet though. Didn't want it to be last minute then be expected to hit they time, cos that will be frustrating when I don't haha
I've heard that figure thrown about on a couple of threads but for some reason I had 25% floating around my head!!! Which defo is way to nice haha
I've been told when I rang my AFCO to expect an October Raleigh date but that would mean I'd have to retake my PJFT so that would mean i would have done at least four PJFT's before I actually start training!!!
2-normal PJFT
1- on the PRNC
1- at HMS Raleigh (I think)


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It's all practice !! I have had three and I have aimed to beat my previous times and I am doing well so far just need to smash the new entry !!!
I don't understand why they took 10 seconds off mine because I did it 10minutes and they knocked it down to 9:50 which doesn't effect anything since it's well under the time?

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