PJFT arrangement

Hi, I'm new to the forum and am currently in the recruitment process.
I've been on here a few times since I first considered going into my local careers office and most questions I've had I have found with the vast amount of information in the sticky's.
However, I have a few questions regarding my PJFT and a form I have etc.

Firstly, my security clearance status changed to complete around 2 weeks ago and I was wondering if my AFCO would contact me (I do understand his time is valuable so I understand it might take him some time) with the next stage of the recruitment process?

Secondly, would he contact me to go and book my PJFT and given a form to take with me to book my PJFT or do I just go to the gym he mentioned, explain what it is, book the test, do the test and then take the results in/ they send them?

Finally, I have a form he gave me at my interview stage (Form S3049 RN - Notice Form for entry/re-entry into the Naval Service). At the time I was of the understanding it was a sample as he has highlighted a few sections he wanted me to read. However, I am unsure if I am intended to return it.

I'm going to make a visit to my AFCO tomorrow morning and ask him personally.
However, if anyone could help give me some prior insight I'd be very grateful as it's been bugging me since I saw my security clearance change to a completed status.



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Once you have completed your security clearance fully and submitted it, you can check progress (below). If you've completed the form properly, it will read SC Completed, followed by the "submitted on" date.

When Security Clearance is fully granted the bold text will change from Your application's status is "In Progress" to Your application's status is "Completed". Your AFCO will only contact you if there's a problem, otherwise not.


The PJFT can be taken before the medical examination or after - you'll get a letter automatically from your AFCO and the contact details to arrange the PJFT are within the letter. If in doubt, give your AFCO a bell: Careers Offices | Royal Navy

The S3049 is a drop copy for your info only, just read it & you can then shred it & feed it to your pet gerbil if you wish - it's just for info, nothing more.
Ahh right so security clearance is all done and dusted so he should contact me soon about my PJFT. I'll be round the corner from the AFCO tomorrow so going drop in just see if he's any news for me.

Thanks for the quick reply. :thumbleft:

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