Lantern Swinger
The times for PRNC have an additional 10% on the allotted time limit, that said if you’re not improving and you’re close to failure then you’re going to really struggle at raleigh.

I had bad toncilitus when I was at PRNC and I still managed to pass the mile and a half and the swim test, went to raleigh on that Sunday and had to do it all over again. So if you’re in good health you shouldn’t be getting worse.
So I got 9:55 at pjft do I need to beat that time or do I need to do it in 11:08 which is the time for my age range?


Lantern Swinger
AFCO Csgt has said they will be looking for improvements everywhere, so any times that your currently getting or amounts of press-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups you can currently smash out, aim to beat that!

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