Pjft advice


Just leaving this for anyone who wants advice on the 1.5mile treadmill run!

my advice would be to first try run the 1.5mile to see where you are at then start to work off that. I found that going for long distance runs and interval runs to raise your cardiovascular levels improved my time.

Personally I run at 8.7mph which is 14kmh and that gives you 10mins 22secs which for me is what I wanted to achieve but you can increase your speed if you wish.

Just stick at it and don't overthink it that's what I did and I was stuck at 11mins 30secs just keep going even on days you don't feel like it just push through and you'll do it. And take your time and be patient I had been training for 70days and only at day 55 I got under the pass time.

Good luck!


I did mine in 10.33.

I practised a lot on the road and not tonnes on a treadmill, which was probably a mistake but i did it this way:

13.6Km/h for 6.5 mins then 15 slowly rising to 16.4 for the last stretch.

The PJFT is a test and as such, you're gonna be full of adrenaline, especially if the PT who's monitoring you was as fit as mine - She was FAF.

Funnily, I find that I can run faster outside, but I put that down to the fact that I'm able to keep cooler outside, so PRNC and Raleigh 2.4K should be a breeze, so to speak.