PJFT - 12 months past?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by burnsy85, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. my PJFT has run out will my CA get intouch with me to rebook another one or will i have to contact him?

    and i know best thing to do is call him but thought i would ask on here first!
  2. Re: PJFT - months past?

    You answered your own question well done!

    Gold star
  3. Good luck with you re-run (or whatever it's called). I'm planning on blasting my original time when I do mine again. It's nice to be able to prove you've put all this waiting-around time to good use!
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The PJFT is valid 12 months however those who have yet to be allocated an entry date, having completed all elements of selection must have passed a PJFT within the 12 monrths leading-up to starting phase one training.

    For reasons of economy, individuals who have yet to be allocated a joining date may find they receive notification of an allocated entry date together with a PJFT 're-take' letter to ensure they haven't spent their time loitering at the pie shop redering themselves unfit.
  5. just spoke to me CA then as i passed me PJFT at the RNAC i do not need to re do it till the 12 months pass's on that one.

  6. This together with the re-introduction of Swedish PT will probably cause quite a bit of panic among some newbies :twisted:
  7. Swedish PT is working out well at Raleigh. Some recruits are knocking 2 minutes plus off their 2.4km times when they run their RNFT in week seven. Popular with the instructors and brilliant to watch as well, and the recruits prefer it too.
  8. Swedish PT ? Ive had a google, but erhhh. Not much info to do with the RN :lol:

    Could someone elaborate please ?
  9. ive just got back from HMS Collinwood (RPC) and passed my fitness test again, how ever the weather was so appalling we did the bleep test instead, i was told i needed 5.2 or more i managed 6 does anyone know how it gets converted back?

    it was awesome by the way, would highly recommend it to anyone, though there was one lad he went home tuesday lunchtime, pussy!
    we also did a rememberance service (thurs 11th) in the sports hall, very moving the band was brilliant. Nimrod gets me every time.

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