Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by onlinebacon, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. I know that officers get issued pistols, but who else does?

    I'd have thought NCO's but Im not sure, any ideas?

  2. Regardless of rank or rate, if you need a pistol, you'll receive the appropriate training and be issued one.

    Strange question...why do you ask?

    Edited to add: And by "need", I mean "if your job/role requires you to be armed with a short-barrelled weapon".
  3. I saw a picture on the MOD site of a Cpl with one, and thought it was odd as I'd only ever seen officers with them before :)
  4. What, going over the top in WW1?
  5. not odd at all mate. He was obviously required to be armed with a pistol, so he got one. Simple as that really.
  6. Could be for one of several reasons mate....
    maybe he's required to be armed, but a rifle wouldn't be appropriate to his role...
    ...as he's training Afghan police, who will be armed with pistols, he might well be armed with a similar weapon so as to better demonstrate certain techniques.

    could be a whole host of other reasons......bottom line.....he is required to carry a pistol, so he's carrying one.
  7. Yeahh true actually, he'd need something for self defense too, just in case there's a bad nut there, thanks for clearing it up Squirrel and Streaky :D
  8. As a Leading Hand, I was 2i/c of one of the security watch at Culdrose, and i was issued a 9mm.

    Pain in the rump, having to carry it.

  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yeah, they weigh a ton don't they?[​IMG]
  10. Not the weight matey, it was having to remember i had it on me.Fecking inconvenience .Took it off one time sat in the crewroom, the feckers taped it to the ceiling while i was at the toilet.I came back and had a right girly hissy fit looking for it. The cnuts!!:0
  11. Haha, shouldnt you have not taken it off?
  12. When they first started arming the QM and Bosun's mates, the diving teams didn't know what had hit them. All those extra hours searching the bottom for 9mils dropped over the side after bored upper deck staff had been practicing their Wild Bill Hickok routines and quick draw techniques.

    Oops, sperlash!
  13. Oh dear
  14. Holster was too far round :thumright:
  15. Never ever leave an unattended weapon. U learn that at raleigh.

    Deffinatly not with your oppos either lol otherwise it will end up somewhere it shoudnt be.
  16. Do they give baby matelots weapons at Raleigh?? If so I am frightened and appalled. :thefinger:
  17. Yes they do and if that isnt scary enough. They give them to baby WRNS as well.
    I rember on the range. the PO gunner shouting at the lass next to me who was crying at the time. Dont shoot with your **** ing eyes closed.
    ANother lass left the weapon in auto and emptyed a mag.
    Its a very scary place and the gunners down there deserve danger pay.
  18. Remember my first time on Trevoll range, I am right handed and in the prone position with SLR, let off a couple of rounds...did not even hit the target...bolloxing from GI , 'Are you left 'anded ' No sir ' 'Are you blind ' 'No sir ' ' Then you must be left eyed, change hands and continue firing '....changed over and hit the bull first time :thumright:
  19. Raleigh, late '80's, "How to clean an SMG" class.

    "Now Class, when unscrewing the retaining cap, keep a good hold of it and control the release of the........BIDOOIINNNGGGG..........fcukit......too late.."

    Springs everywhere, laughed for about a micro-second before the volume went up......fcuk me them GI's were loud bastids!!!

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