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Well found out today that my job is being moved "administratively" to another NHS Trust ... but I continue to work in the same Trust I am in at the moment ... and I may have to re-apply for my own job ... and its going to take place on the 1st Oct!

So where is the consultation document? Sorry its classified at the moment! ... so how can I object if I don't know what I'm expected to do? Anyway ... has my Union been informed? ... Yes! Thats intesting because a) we haven't got a Union Rep on the Island and b) they wouldn't have taken any notice because until today they didn't have any members affected! When did you tell them Nurses were involved??? A Long time ago! ... so why then did you leave it until 4 months before it goes live to tell the Nurses concerned????

But when you consider that the new "entity" which I will be in - and administered by somene else .. the question was asked about all the HR/OCC Health/Pay issues let alone Professional lines of communication and they haven't even thought about it yet .... and its going live in October??? Piss Poor Preparation ... its all going to end in tears! We're all doomed!

Now what it wants is a hairy arsed ex Chief Doc to go and tell em whats what ... oh yes ... thats right ... brace yourself I'm coming round!


Had the same at Portsmouth Hospitals but don't you worry though the directors have all got shiny new IPads and IPhones. Had a period of consultation where not one piece of paper was seen that was the official document. Lost 40% of the staff They went to other Trusts where one is being outsourced and the other is moving to the dark place just north of Southampton. Could be worse could work in the pathology side of life!
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