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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by MG Maniac, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. It seems that as the hospital is going to be a "Trauma Centre" we have to have a "Helepad" and low and behold some French Firm tipped up with a load of aluminium to build one like a big meccano set ... at the bottom of the staff car park.

    So far so good ... only the stuffin thing is 3 metres up in the air and big enough to take a squadron of Harriers ... only the only helo's that are going to use it are the Air Ambulance (small pokey thing like a Gazelle on steroids) ... and the big Coast Guard Sikorsky jobbie! Mind with the ramp up to the thing they could use it like a ski jump I suppose!

    It however occured to me that when said parrafin pigeons come into land there will be a certain amount of down wash which will whip up all the gravel and other associated detrius so anyone parking their car close to the things is going to be sandblasted! Happily the powers that be have redesignated the car park into a Visitors car park with hopefully a big notice saying park at your own risk unless you want your car sand blaster down to bare metal ... while staff parking is being moved to the other end of the site so I can park my brand new shiney convertible without the risk of the paint being knackered.

    I seem to remember in the dark and distant that there used to be such things as FOD Plod's but perhaps civvy helecopters don't suffer from FOD ... and I really can't see "Estates" hosing off the flight pad / car park on a daily basis to clear anything.

    I can see a disaster approaching!
  2. At least when it crashes and explodes in a mahoosive fireball it'll be in the right place for the survivors.
  3. Yeup! Will be able to watch it happening from my window!
  4. MGM, it will be no different to other Hospital Landing Sites.

    I have certainly been in worse. Southern General In Glasgow for one. We used our blades as hedge trimmers on one such casualty delivery.

    As for FOD, it effects anything and everything! Mil/Civ/ petrol pigeons. As most engines are high up and filtered it isn't so much a problem.
  5. If your going to get a lot of CG S92 traffic in there, its going to be fun. massive downwash.
  6. Or one of the yanks Jolly Greens in combat SAR mode. They blew wessex and wasps off the runway at Portland. Eeeeee that were fun!
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  7. [​IMG]
    Local Coastguard AugustaWestland 139


    Eurocopter EC135

    Air Ambulance isn't too bad but the CG Chopper is stuffing noisy!
  8. I would say their going to eventually have to put an S92 down there somewhere to cover the SW approaches when Culdrose gos.
  9. S92 ... I'm not even going to ask!
  10. I think it's the new AGR MGM
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  11. SARB04.jpg S92,:bounce:
  12. Has that bloke fallen out of the door?
  13. No he's walking home in a huff. Or a strop, Geddit...:icon_smile:
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  14. No, he's the one with the scran from the local butcher!!
  15. I'm not fooled by this thread.
    It was just a ploy by the OP to tell us he has a new car.
    It was then perpetuated by the "look up to the skies and wank" brigade, that bunch of degenerates who upon seeing anything airborne feel the urge to masturbate.
    That was Waspies undoing with his bike, he looked up. I knew he wouldn't manage a skirt at that hight but he wouldn't be told..
    Perverts, at least my fetish does not traumatise the sheep for long, as I only attack them en route to the abattoirs.
    This red is going down a treat.
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  16. Where did you say Tamworth was??????????????
  17. Was going to say 'Piss Off' Rummers.

    But I reckon 'Fuck Off' is more apt!!!!

    I don't have to wank over helicopters it just comes naturally!!!!!:sign12:

  18. Actually it's not a real helicopter, it's just a clever helium balloon, if you look closley you can see him holding the string.
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  19. They're clever-er-er at Derriford they are. They gone and builded an underground
    helicopter park (under the car-park) - only £3.00 an hour (including disabled parking
    permits). Here's one just about to go through the tunnel to the barrier. Bloke in the
    door should have the correct change ready.........


  20. Fuck off? That's unkind and after that one wonders what you might say to an insignificant poster.;-P

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