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Piss!!!!! Lost My Tropics


I need them for the 31st (monday) as the ship sails then!!! I thought they were in the house but looked like they might have been chucked out!!! Ph deary me!!

How much will a complete new set of tropics cost? Will have to buy them from Nelson next week!!!


War Hero
You need them for when? The six "P's" comes to mind.

Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Could also have saved you three or four hundred quid. :thumright:

have a nice day


War Hero
Our local Army & Navy Store (retail outlet type) has a full set of Navy tropics (minus the shoes) for £49.50.

Problem is, you'd have to go on procedure Alpha dressed as a US Navy Seal Commander with "aviator" badges & four rows of medals.

Hope that helps.


War Hero
Ninja_Stoker said:
Our local Army & Navy Store (retail outlet type) has a full set of Navy tropics (minus the shoes) for £49.50.

Problem is, you'd have to go on procedure Alpha dressed as a US Navy Seal Commander with "aviator" badges & four rows of medals.

Hope that helps.

You've got an Army & Navy Store in your dining room have you?
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