Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by F106, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. why dont the yanks give the pirates the 2 million bucks thier asking and when captain phillips is safely in american hands blow the fucking black bastards outta the water it seems quite straight forward to me.i know 2 million bucks will go up in smoke but im sure it will make the fuckas think twice next time.
  2. Because that would most probably be a bad idea, hence the reason they haven't done it.
  3. Make a hole in the Lifeboat somehow and wait for it to start sinking.
    Where are those US Navy Seals when you need em!
  4. seems a good idea to me
  5. Just been discussing the very same thing her at home.

    Going to give Obama a call in a minute. :lol:
  6. I accept that pirates from Africa will probably be black, but your blatent Racsim is just cause for your current tag.

    OXYGEN THIEF! :tool:
  7. The term Black Bastard was used for those of any colour when I was in the RN. More often than not it was a term of endearment :p
  8. Not in my time Slim. Don't even try to defend those who would use that language to describe another human being. Anyone who does, in the current RN, is dealt with fully by the Naval Discipline/Armed Forces act.
  9. What about....Black 'Enamel' barsteward :idea: :?:
  10. Ah even more endearing :p
  11. they are not human beings they are black bastards
  12. Why not get the frogs to sort out the septics problem, at least they get on with sorting out coloured people whos parents may or may not have been married.
    The pirates know that some of our allies are a little frightened to get up close and personal with them.
    If you want to hijack ships be prepared to take the consequences. Pierre, mon ami, over to you.
  13. The biggest blackest enamelled barsteward was your best oppo, surely the navy has not changed that much. Yuk!.
  14. And I was frequently that oppo! :p

    Remember the old saying "Play the whiteman you black bastard" always said to a white guy :p
  15. 'Always said to a white guy'. Exactly.

    And you genuinely fail to see how offensive that is?

    I give up.
  16. The thing is that it wasn't offensive in our day when we could call a spade a shovel.
    I'm not saying it was PC but that is how the world was. Get used to it, it's called history, or do the current PC brigade want to re-write what has gone before?
    I had a mate who's nickname was Chalky, a Black Jamaican, his nick name for us White folk was Honky Bastards. Did he or us give a fukc? No, not a bit, we just got on with life and the job in hand!
  17. The reason why 'affirmative' action with Navy Seals (Can I get a HoooRaahhhhh) hasn't taken place may have something to do with the Pirates having other hostages aboard other hijacked vessels who would probably get the chop if any action was taken.
    They may be Africans but that don't make 'em stupid, well the leadership anyhow.
  18. I'm not disputing that GR, I've been around long enough to know the ropes and the less than *cough* 'PC' terminology we've all used during out time. Just the fact that calling a white bloke 'black' as a form of insult is pretty shoddy.

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