Pirates hijack yacht

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Seaweed, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

  2. Does anyone at the Daily Mail understand the concept of research when they compile the total bollocks they seem to try to pass off at regular intervals as "journalism"?

    Quote - "Their route would have taken them near Somalian waters which are notorious for attacks on ships and smaller boats".

    A passage from Seychelles to Tanzania would not normally take them anywhere near the Somali coast and I am sure they cannot have been unaware of the Somali piracy issue so how the Daily Mail can effectively "red blob" them so far north is a mystery to me (or perhaps it is a recognition of the fact that the unnamed journo realised he was talking out of his arse and invented the position to add credibility to his article - after all your average daily mail reader is not necessarily famed for either their geographic abilities or their enquiring mind!)

    Sad thing is they may have fallen foul of the Somali pirates who are now operating up (and probably beyond) 700nm from their bases in Somalia. I don't blame the yachties, they were probably just very unlucky.
  3. This an insult! Outrageous! How dare they! In years gone by this is the sort of thing that would have caused a Major International Incident! Send a Gunboat!

    What's that? We've scrapped them all? Oh....
  4. Once the MoD cuts bite a bit deeper and we can't afford to put missiles on our frigates and destroyers that is exactly what we WILL have - gunboats!
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

  6. When oil/uranium/gold/diamonds are discovered in Somali the U S of A will doubtless take a bold lead in invading that country to introduce law, order, freedom and democracy.

    Do not hold your breath though.
  7. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Then my old branch will take its rightful place, to once again save the Empire! Oh! forgot, we haven't got one any more. :lol:
  8. That'll be me then!

    But I reiterate - by quotes from the articles cited

    1. "A spokesman for the British coastguard said: "They had left the Seychelles on October 22 and were going on a 150 nautical-mile passage south-west to the Amirante Islands, en route to Tanzania". How does a passage south west from the Seychelles bring them to Daily Mail red blob point north west?

    2. "Although hundreds of miles off the dangerous Somali coast, the Lynn Rival would still have been within range of the sophisticated pirate gangs that use “mother ships†loaded with fuel and supplies to launch sorties ever deeper into the Indian Ocean". Exactly - as is any vessel operating off the west coast of India or exiting the Suez Canal!

    They may not be the sharpest knives in the cutlery drawer but to pillory them for taking foolish risks "Their choice of route drew criticism from some commentators on sailing websites, who said they should have known about the piracy threat" is hardly fair.
  9. Regarding the Readers’ comments in the Mail, not one of them seems to understand the concept of adventure at sea, freedom of mind nor what it is to hold a “British mindsetâ€. The Chandlers had more chance of being buggered up by the WX than they had by pirates. If I walk around Bath at around closing time on a Friday night, I carry 200 to 1 (ish) chance of being buggered around by the local pond life. Do I take it, then, that I’m a reckless moron for taking that risk?

    What a pity that our Government doesn’t take a more American view on the carriage of weapons at sea. Fair enough, a Remington pump action (or auto) 12 bore stoked for effect is no match for an RPG7 but it suddenly makes you a not that worthwhile target.
  10. I think Ship's Motto: Unus et Omnes - One and All, is on station :wink:
  11. Remember the days when we had Nimrods actually doing maritime reconnaissance? Needless to say, it would need a ship to achieve anything practical but at least the ship would be given a clue where to look. One of those occasions where Joint is actually constructive.
  12. They will be able to write a book when they get home and pay back the ransom, if it's paid, and some on top.
  13. Or re direct 'Baggers' from duty in Afghanistan to a ship and start tracking?

    Send in 847 NAS? :D
  14. Pirate Hostages, f>>k, em!

    Now having been in the region and seen at first hand these somalian pirates, Im getting increasing angry at how this story is being covered by our media.
    Now I own a very fast motorbike, I know to ride this bike at its top speed of 160 mph I will die, my luck will eventually run out. Will I expect or recieve sympathy if i do.
    You see a alcoholic at a bar, hes on his 20th pint, if tomorrow he dies of cirrosis, would you give your sympathy.
    This could go on and on.
    This couple were not just told by the FO, but by the Seychelle Coastguard not to go to E. Africa, but no they are chasing their dream, it all amounts to what they want to do, in fact how dare anyone in authority tell them what to do, they know best.
    They took a completely massive and totally avoidable risk, and the odds have come in.
    Now the families will look to our government to rescue these hostages by either diplomacy or military, if the military factor is chosen, men are being told to risk their lives to save two complete fools.
    Yes I believe Somalian problem needs a UN Invasion all along that coast, but that useless organisation neither has the guts or werewithall to do this, so therefore to all idiotic middle class retirees, please avoid. Lest you get the fate of these two idiots.
  15. Re: Pirate Hostages, f>>k, em!

    Exactly what he said :!:
  16. Re: Pirate Hostages, f>>k, em!

    It just irks that they totally disregarded all the warnings, and yet now expect others to bail them out of this sitaution that they could so easily have avoided. It was irresponisble, and downright selfish behaviour.
  17. Re: Pirate Hostages, f>>k, em!

    It's OK, Gordon will save them…

    …with our money. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  18. Re: Pirate Hostages, f>>k, em!

    Hence the problem! :x
  19. Re: Pirate Hostages, f>>k, em!

    Thread already running here.

    People are killed on motorbikes while stopped at crossroads and I'm sure that many more ocean-going yachts are lost to bad weather than are hijacked by pirates. Does that mean that no one should ride a motorbike or that all yachts should stay in port? From the look of the couple's track, they made every effort to avoid going within 1,000 nm of the most dangerous bit of the Somali Coast (Daily Mail link):


    The Seychelles where the couple was hijacked are the same distance from the Somali coast as Majorca is from Dover. Incidentally, there's a 'little' country called Kenya (remember 'Mombers'?) between Tanzania where the couple was headed and Somalia although it's hidden by a label. They were also heading south west, not due west as indicated on the chart. Considering the thousands of vessels that ply the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean each day, their odds of escaping intact were probably better than if they'd had a night out in the West End. They were just extremely unlucky on this occasion.
  20. Re: Pirate Hostages, f>>k, em!

    Would it be possible for the Mods to do something useful and bandbox the 2 Threads? Just a thought.

    Naval_Gazer sums up my thoughts. The day we become so risk averse that we cease to be British is the day I p**s off to Wogowogo land where they have a pleasant climate.

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