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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by rod-gearing, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. Saw Trafalgar on Warship last night,nice to see hot bunking is still going strong.
    The crew were very professional(as expected) but whats happened to pirate rig these days? or were 8's (4's?)just for the camera?
  2. Rod pirate rig died on the withdrawal of diesel boats. It was very rarely worn on FLUNOBS if at all. Submariners were supplied with Nomex No8's. Fire retardant and all that . However they were withdrawn on a cost basis as they were very expensive.

    have a nice day
  3. For any newbies viewing the above posting, I should point out that hot bunking means you share a pit with one or more other ratings. I'm told it's better if you share the same pillow. If you sleep head to foot it could be quite smelly and you could end up with verrucas/athletes foot on your nose! :lol: ;)
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just for the camera.
  5. I reckon the CLEAN 8`s were for the cameras.The ones they'd been wearing for the last fortnight out of shot.As idiotkeeper states pirate rig went out with the Diesel boats.No.8`s were rig of theday on SSN`s in the 1970`s
  6. The idea of NOMEX No8's were that as everybody was trained to fight fires then there's no need to fanny around donning fire fighting gear. Everybody was in effect attack party on the spot. Just roll ya sleeves down and grab an extinguisher and get stuck in.

    As has been said though...NOMEX 8's were very expensive. Although very long lasting I expect the bean counters in the MOD saw the cost as prohibitive when they could be easily wasting millions in other areas...something they are past masters at
  7. Pirate Rig? :slow:
  8. any one got a picture of a Pirate Rig ?

    am young an dont know much an would just like to see what they was :thumright: :thanks:
  9. I fear this thread's been rigged! :biggrin:

    (Am old and just plain curious....)
  10. Pirate rig was simply anything you wished to wear. It very much depended on where you were serving and the time of year. Some of the items worn would be rescued from the rag bale.

    Far east sarong and boots or other footwear, North Atlantic in Winter just about all you could get into. My personal dress was heavy duty surplus tank crew trousers, khaki USN pea jacket swapped for a white woolly poolly, a variety of old and tatty sweaters and checked shirts. One pair of nicks and socks per trip which were then washed or ditched dependent on length of patrol, woolly benny hat or army issued junle hat from Borneo days.


    PS There was no instruction or order issued after Special Sea dutymen fell out or closed up we just changed from PR to No.8s or the other way round..
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  12. In the middle seventies on 'round the corner northern ops' and before people got twitchy about it; footwear was whatever you felt comfotable in. I did four patrols without wearing steaming bats. Just sandals and that was all (on my feet). Putting steamies on after a couple of months was like fitting into a straight jacket....

    Did anybody else get analysed by MOD psychiatrists after each patrol...our lot did. I've been done three times and found sane and insane on all three...along with the rest of the crew. Big Brother recordings were showing us to be a bit loopy after a while...something about the pitch in your voice!

    I used to wear a Javelin jacket for the Winter patrols...very comfy indeed!
  13. Came across a couple of Jimmies in late 70s/early 80s who wouldn't allow pirate rig, had one who even insisted on us have name tags (with names on) on our 8s shirts. Needless to say they had all come across from Bombers! On the whole they soon learnt the error of their ways.
  14. Spoiling the ship for a ha'porth of tar?
  15. Jimi Hendrix T shirt and a pair of old flares were my pirate rig until the new skipper declared no 8s to be worn at all times. I also had a much prized French officers drill shirt which most of our pigs tried to swap with me.
  16. Mine was generally 8's trousers or ovies and a variety of t shirts ,sweaters etc.
    I managed to blag an Aussie steaming jacket made of cotton.Very much the 'In Season' garment to wear at the time.
    Some guys used to wear ladies tights,apparently they keep your legs warmer when up north.

    (I of course prefered stockings as they didnt chaff)
  17. Our PLUTO (POLTO to you) on FinBin Taff (forgotten his surname but he was Welsh!!!) came on board with a clean pair of ovvies at the start of the running period. We were off out the Med. First few days the ovvies stayed in tacked. Day three the sleeves were removed at the elbow. Next day removed at the armpit.
    Couple of days later the legs were removed at the knees. Couple of days later removed half way up the thigh.
    Steaming bats were worn negative laces.
    I wore numbr 8 trolleys T shirt and on watch in the control room it was either a Javelin jacket or a pongoes combat jacket.
  18. Suck my cheesy knob ******** :thumright:

    Have a nice day
  19. The Nomex 8`s were good, not allowed to sew badges on em and 5 seconds after the hot iron came off em they looked like they hadnt been done.
  20. Thanks Nutty & Janner :hug:

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