Pirate problems and were puffting about

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dublinclontarf, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. If they aren't going to intervene, kick heads and take names, how the hell is it a deterrent? Now this is now common public knowledge, deterrence is zero!
  2. Would this apply to drug busting as well? Surely if they arrest drug smugglers they could also claim asylem?

    What about the victims human rights?

    It all doesn't make any sense to me
  3. Once again Tony Bliars and his Human Rights lawyer wife Cherie and their Human rights act that @will not affect us in this [email protected] His exact words as she was ringing her hands knowing how much money she would make from it have been allowed to let in this case pirates a free reign.

    Work hard, pay tax, do not break any laws. Tuf

    Break the law and claim HR act every time you are caught.
  4. Its to do with a ship being soveriegn territory amongst the High Seas. If you are going to do it, do it in home waters.
  5. For once I agree with this Australian rag, I don't think they should arrest the pirates.
    It puts personnel in danger, presents legal problems with asylum claimed by thugs, and ultimately takes dosh from where it's needed to pay for these cnuts. ie affects you and I directly, (in the back pocket,) as taxpayers.

    I was sure our warships used to be armed, fcuk arresting these creatures - kill them.
  6. Hang 'em from the yardarm.....prob gone
  7. if their affraid theyre gonna claim assylum, the obvious answer is dont give them assylum. nowhere does it say that you have to give every tom, dick and harry assylum just because they asked for it.
  8. It does in Nu Labours guide book i think.
  9. I thought piracy on the high seas still carried the death penalty? :dwarf:
  10. I heartily agree! I thought that's why there's a 4.5 inch gun on the bow of our frigates and destroyers - unless this is a naive point of view and it's actually there for decoration?! :threaten:
  11. Actualy we just can't afford the shells.
  12. Well, assuming the water bandits can read or know people who can, I suppose piracy will be the latest spectator sport.

    The argument about Asylum seeking is remarkably bone. So if they do follow that path and it costs money, so what? Has Government and Treasury mentality taken over our judgement and sense of morals? Are we saying that the pirates have no nationality, are operating unregistered vessels and carry no identifiable papers?

    tommo asks a very valid question regarding drug runners but I don't see many answers. What is the answer? I don't know.
  13. Sink them and leave it to the victim to show compassion, ie rescue them.
  14. I'd say sink them and leave them for the sharks myself, but maybe I'm just old fashioned that way.
  15. Well if they don't they will no doubt hear of this and they will and will start doing it :w00t: lol
  16. Easy solution, charter an old Merchant navy tub fill it with Royal all armed with GPMGs and lots of link. Cruise around the area looking vulnerable, pirates arrive, Royal gives 'em the good news.
    It's about time these feckers were cleaned out.
    Not Q ships, P ships. :thumright:
  17. This actually happens (to a degree) in the Malacca Strait and other areas of the Indonesian archipelago. There are security companies who hire out to protect merchant ships in these waters. Its only a short step from visible security to enticing the bad bastards alongside and dealing with them appropriately. :rambo:
  18. Just found this tasty morsel on Wikipedia.

    Foreign Office advised the Royal Navy not to detain pirates of certain nationalities as they might be able to claim asylum in Britain under British human rights legislation, if their national laws included execution, or mutilation as a judicial punishment for crimes committed as pirates.

    And here is the act of which it speaks.


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