Pirate jokes


Lantern Swinger
You see...usually only accessible through the box in 'The Area'...but now by way of Ft. Meade and Annapolis to all starsailors...

Your musical taste is somewhat, ... not mine. Listening to that, was something like listening to the death march.. Slow, a struggle and not quite Deep Purple.


War Hero
H. sapiens is a species, not a race...and I'm entitled to breath on this planet. I hope you live in Pimlico and are seconded from GCHQ, then we might send thieves in the night to collect on your oxygen debt.
You are a massive throbber. And I mean it. You talk in troll language, which, I reckon entails from your mummy not giving you enough hugs as a 40 year old! I am only wondering though. But, I’m correct though aren’t I? Aren’t I??


Mate I'm a cold war adoptee you ********, so obviously mummy didn't give me enough hugs. Kleinean good breast, bad breast etc...call it Thmosgyny....as to Trolling...for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I was happily having a laugh and a joke till the forum religious police stepped in with their ad hominem comments...play the ball not the man you cretin.


Ok. You’re a Beefer then! Blimey, make your mind up.
No idea what you mean, nor do I care. US/DE dualer adopted into your hell hole of a country during the 'last' cold war. Stupid enough to volunteer for service, my attestation stands but the sooner I'm away from you dogs, your bitches, and puppies the better...currently resettling...binned my registration ident and waiting on my birth idents, then leaving you dirty stinking Brits to your once a year bath, whether you need it or not.

Here's the deal, ignore me you disgusting indentured creature, and I'll do you the same service. Got it?

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