Discussion in 'International' started by hobbit, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. It seems that crime is increasing on the high seas as well as on land . Although the below link refers to a spacific area the crime , piracy , is taking place in a number of other areas in particular Indonesia and the China Sea . Tactics are vastley different to the earlier methods used by the now romanticised characters such as Bluebeard et al . RPGs and high powered rifles and boats are involved . An interesting and incredible development given the many modern facilities and communication means of protection and keeping in touch . Apparently these modern day buccaneers take on big vessels as well as the smaller type silly enough to venture in their domain .

  2. It's not uncommon to hear of Piratic events in the Gulf & Straights, page one news for a day then relegated.

    Everything from dhows to wee tankers.
  3. Also of interest are the methods used to repel unwanted guests, varying from high pressure water hoses (actually quite effective) to high tech sound cannons.
  4. Used against pirates who tried to raid that cruise ship off Somalia a few years ago.


    Security Officer on board was ex-Gurkha.
  5. Also

    http://www.imo.org/, under the Safety header.

    Lots of useful information, if you're into that sort of thing.
  6. Mainly due to lack of cohesive Naval forces willing and/or able to take them on! Primarily what the Royal Navy was formulated for - to protect the Merchant Navy in all forms- a 'shoot to kill policy' works wonders!
  7. Aaar' It be talk like a Pirate Day today Shippers Aaar.......

    Talk Like a British Pirate

    Billy BlackJack Bones, the scourge of the Gravy Browning Bottle :munky2:
  8. Ahharrr, that it be, me heartie.

    Shiver me timbers, kipper me gizzards, and rattle me rollocks. :rambo:

    All the other scurvy seadogs in the office think I's been going crazy.
  9. Wasn't it Pirates wot ambushed the Cornwall's boat off Kuwait and caused all that commotion about the crew selling their stories?
  10. I can't see the difference between now and 'bluebeards' time except the guns are smaller and fire more rapidly.

    And I certainly can't see anything romantic about having a 20lb ball lobbed at you.
  11. Often had pirate watch closed up when going through the Malaca Strait out in the Far East.

    It's common place out there. When a warship passes through the strait merchant ships all close up to it for protection
  12. Aye Tommo was a time too when a certain Navy had warships in the area who did nothing but beat up the pirates and make it safe for 'honest' merchant ships to go about their business! Twas one o' the main reasons for the formation o' that thar navy! 'cause nowadays the navy concerned ain't big enough to frighten a pleasure boat into complying so that's the end o' that!

    And so the White Ensign disappears beneath the waves! sad or what!!

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