Pips Squeaking?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. Just saw this on a news service I get.

    Source: Associated Press 21.03.08 www.ap.org

    An emergency review of the country's defences is due to take place following a crisis meeting between the heads of all 3 armed services and Gordon Brown. The chiefs are understood to have said that cuts ordered by the Prime Minister threatened to undermine current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and the future viability of the forces. At least two senior officers, believed to be Army generals, have threatened to resign.
  2. Very interesting Maxi. Unfortunately I cannot trace it on the AP website. If you have a copy would it be possible to email it to me at work & I will pass the information on. I will PM you my email address.
  3. Thingy

    I can't find it either though AP delivers it's content in such a multiplicity of ways it could be in there somewhere. The news feed I get is from a well known PR company that acts for many defence contractors so I tend to trust then with what they say, I have worked with their boss back in the days when I was in marketing.

    I will keep the proverbial ear to the ground.
  4. Maxi

    Suspect it's a re-run of this from the Daily Wail last week.


    Despite where it's printed it has a ring of truth about it. Rumours abound that the DMB could not reach agreement last month and so the whole PR08 exercise may be fudged till next year.

    Trouble is, any "capability review" will inevitably drag on for months, giving plenty of scope for the usual sleight of hand. If it is to be capability-driven, rather than making the requirement meet the current provision of course.....

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