Pipeline for pilots training


Not to disenchant you but I believe I'm correct in saying you can not join as a rotary pilot. You can only join as a pilot, and then be streamed post EFT (at least this was the case recently).
Rough pipeline is:
Hold (about a year)
Aircrew course (air428 I think) to include survival, AvMed, first aid, and other things.
EFT and RAF Barkston Heath. 703 NAS with the Grob Tutor. (6 months)
Hold (about a year)
SEBRW with 705 NAS/660 Sqn AAC at DHFS, RAF Shawbury. (6 months)
Hold (6-12 months)
OCU (6-18 months)

Google the various constituents to find out more.
The ACLO may tell you the pipeline is 2.5 years long, but expect it to take double that waiting for courses etc. (maybe don't argue with him about it though.)


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I believe I'm correct in saying you can not join as a rotary pilot

Given the paucity of fixed wing assets I believe you are incorrect. If you don't join the RN as a rotary pilot what are you going to join as, a kite pilot?

For what it's worth; even when the RN did have fixed wing, one joined the FAA expecting to go rotary. Anyone joining soley to go to the SHAR would need their lumps felt, as the chances of getting it were not too hot. If it was fast jet or nothing, it was a safer bet joining the Crabs but who'd want to do that (unless a big gayer).


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Read up on your rule of the road. The amount of YO dabbers you see on small ships that wanted to be harrier pilots is amazing.

Shame though as I reckon you have a great watch......