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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by hobbit, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. Like most , no doubt . I slept in some strange places during my dozen . After a night on the grog the weary sailor heads for the 'mick ' or as submariners , the bunk . Missing the last boat caused many to sling the 'mick ' somewhere and my claim to fame is a night of bedded bliss on St. Andrews Golf Course . No liberty boat involved just a wee bit lost in the Scotch Mist and after walking for bloody miles I eventually wrapped up in my ' burbs ' and crashed . No idea where I was until dawn and I took my bearings . Definitely a double bogey .
  2. To my utter shame,in Ville Franche we were trapped ashore by the weather and could not get the liberty boats back on board, so the Capt who just happened to be a millionaire, and his oppos ashore gave us all five star accomodation in the hotels

    I happend to find myself in a rather large room and the bed had a plaque stating Bridget Bardot slept here
    My shame is I vandalised it and added so did Jack McHammocklashing

    We had an excellent breakfast, and I was teamed up with a specail err something or other oppo that was special ops and he groomed me in the finer points of taking advantage

    At breakfast all the grub was been scooped, so we took a table with the Chinese, The Chinese were happy with a fag and a cuppa. We scooped the other five full English breakfasts
    (the rest of the crew did not associate with the Chinese)

    Jack McHammocklashing
  3. Sure beats a golf course

  4. I fell asleep for three hours on the bog in a yank grippo's house whilst in Wilmington NC, they just put it down to a quaint english custom not the best part of a bottle of their bacardi I'd scuppered
    Still got invited back though :thumright:
  5. HMS DOLPHIN AGR Gas Testing Chamber, (was behind Rosario Block I think) where you walked round with yer Gas Mask on - had a pretend coffin in the centre of it on trestles. Got mashed and somehow ended up kipping in it one night. Scared the living crap out of one of Dolphins "Wandering Willies" (i.e. trainee submariner in tin helmet, heavily armed with half a pick-axe handle), when I clambered out of it for a slash!
    Room with bars on the windows for the rest of the night...oh well.
  6. Fell asleep in the Home Club heads on many an occasion,waking up refreshed and raring to go again.
    Fell asleep in The Boatel in Dartmouth next to the disco speakers on my 19th birthday and spent the rest of the next 24 hours stone deaf.
  7. Missed the last liberty boat back to the ship in Inverkeithing a few years back and spent what was left of the night under a Ford Mondeo- doing duty as a shelter against the delights of a Scottish summer evening. As luck would have it, boats routine started again at 06 dubs so was back on board before actually being adrift.... happy days.
  8. Fell asleep waiting for the RPO to do my morning kit muster for 9's..........didn't realise just how loud these b*ggers can get!!!

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