Pipe Down...


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"Other than their physical presence they pose no other danger of, or potential for pollution."

I don't think I'd be too worried about their physical presence posing a "danger of ....pollution". I think I'd be more concerned about twatting their physical presence with my boat. I suppose that could cause pollution as a by-product but that is but naught compared to a knackered boat front and the attendant sea rushing through a bloody big hole.


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I see the pipes were "lost" a couple of weeks ago. How long the before the owners were going to let everyone know to look out for them?


War Hero
More on the rogue Pipegate saga here:


@Wightsparker you missed a golden opportunity, they could have been gathered up & connected as an underground walk-way 'twixt N & S Islands. Remember PLUTO anyone?

Ah, bits still exist. You can see some in Shanklin Chine.
But as Ballistic mentioned, is Pluto a planet now or not? I believe there may have been a re-think.
If not, Mickey and Donald think he's still a bit of a dog.

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