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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Rights China, here goes...

    This Poll will last for 30 days.

  2. Voted - Aye.
  3. what he said..............
  4. Aye if she stays off the pethedine . If reinstated a further probationary period of ????

  5. Voted yes, if shes back after her 'exile' remove it. Those who need to know will know and it will only make her an easy target for others, however if similar incidents occur then...? Sayonara.
  6. voted - personally I don't see the point of the oxygen thief tag. It smacks of the nanny state. Yawn - we all rant and rave at times - whatever etc.

  8. Done yes
  9. for all those that actually care- it has been removed!!

    now- can we get over this issue and move onto something a tad more interesting?
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Voted aye, would prefer the oxygen tab to remain in use, for the incidents where people over step the mark and don't listen to gentle reminders. After Oxygen tag should come suspension for a set period, with the reasons being given on the open forum. If anyone carries on when returning from suspension ban them

    On a similar note, let Norman stay, on the condition that he keeps the Norman tag so that we can either read him or not
  11. thanks chuck
  12. Moderator Mode

    Once suspended should remain suspended, should not be allowed back let alone have tag removed. Voted OTHER

  13. Not too sure as to the circumstances that BH is referring to but I remember clearly how Pinta was so "welcoming" to a new member who's father, ex RN, had recently died, summed up in a few words, it was fukcing shocking.

    On that basis alone she shouldn't be given the time of day let alone a poll as to whether she should have a tag removed, she should just stay removed full stop.

    Would we be having this discussion if Pinta was a bloke.....didn't think so.
  14. I voted for the Tag to be removed. She's spent time ostracised for her mistake and that should be it.
    Everyone has an opinion, whether it is in line with your opinion doesn't matter.
    Do we really want a site that is only a mutual appreciation society?
    If RR ever becomes like that then I'm off.
  15. total agreement Nutty- I voted nooooooooo.

    I find it hard to believe so much forum space has been devoted to this member- but there you go- she has continued to do as ahe always did- stir controversy and bad feelings!

    And like previously stated the tag has been removed.
  16. Has anyone else noticed-- we're all getting in a tiz about bloody AP- yet she hasn't been here for four days to see the sh1t her re-appearance has caused!!

    So if she can't be arsed-- why the hell are we?!

    My last post on this matter- not wasting anymore time on her!
  17. Quote "She's spent time ostracised for her mistake and that should be it"

    It wasn't a mistake it was down right spiteful and it was meant to hurt (which it did) her opinion of my Dad being seriously ill wasn't really an opinion, it was a personal attack on a new member (me) If you feel that you can vote "aye" then THANK YOU for disrepecting an ex RN in favour of a gobshite who will dance on your graves ! your welcome to HER

    so if you're looking for entertainment value vote "aye" if you're looking to support an ex RN (deceased) then vote "no" !

    And before anyone says it, yes I haven't contributed much to this site, but may have done if I hadn't been attacked so much when I first joined.

    there you and pigeons !

  18. I voted No!
    Her lack of human kindness to the grieving daughter of one of Brothers in Arms made me want to never read her words again.
    As far as I can remember, she isn't even RN or ex.
  19. She is a pissed up loser.She loves to cause trouble.Bin the Marine hunting slapper.
  20. On a more PC front.Aussie is an attention whore.She has plenty of chums on RR that have been taken in by her crap.She likes to cause trouble. End of!!!!

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