Pins and needles

Hi all im training to join the rn and use this forum now for info, not sure if this is right place to ask or if this question is what the forum is designed for, so bare with me.
For the past few months when sat down i keep getting bad pins and needles from my toes up to the bottom of my calf and not sure why can any one help?
Also on my right foot when walking the last two left toes somtimes feel like there cramping up and cannot put any preasure on them or else it feels like there burning, not sure if its related. Again any help would be great.
ahh ok still dosent make too much sense! Just hoping i can get some answers from one of the docs about this, dont want to keep training if im making it worse.


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Do you suffer 'shin splints' aswell?

Pins and needles or a tingling sensation with numbness in the legs and feet after or during exercise (including walking) could be a symptom of compartment syndrome. The pins and needles is caused by the pressure in a compartment being too high and reducing the blood flow.

Doubt it is actually compartment syndrome as its quite uncommon but cant think of anything else, get it checked by a doctor.
Yeah i know i should, just dont want any thing to wreck me going into the RN, on the other hand i dont want to leave somthing left unchecked and end up worse, cheers for the help.


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My mate done that, thinking he didnt want to slow down his application and suffered what he thought was shin splints the whole way through training. Turned out to be compartment syndrome which he had made worse and worse. Hes had several ops on both legs now and may be getting medically discharged.

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