Pinkys, Grubbers and Greenies

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Ocean_Girl, Aug 4, 2007.

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  1. OK Lads, give it your best. What is a Pinky, Grubber and greenie (Yes I am blonde and not a WAFU) xxx
  2. Well, a GREENIE is an MEM(L)



    And don't let any WAFU/W.E Fags tell you otherwise :)

    In all seriousness, a Greenie is an electrically trained person from the Marine Engineering Branch, although the name Greenie has been kidnapped by the dross ;)
    A Pinky (fag) is a radio/radar type fixer, IE Electronics not Electrics, even though Greenies do that too.

    You should be!

    Feck knows what a grubber is. German Goalkeeper?

    Keep Smiling :D


    Right, I'm off before someone shakes a W.E and drags him here :)
  3. In my day a Greenie was an EM=Electrician.GS. EM(A) FAA
    Pinky was an REM=Radio Electrician. GS. REM(A) FAA
    Grubbers were known as Spanner *******=AE= Airframes and Engines. FAA.
    Welcome onboard shipwreck.
  4. The Terms Greenie, Grubber, Pinky

    Are all FAA terms of reference, and donate our trades but more to the point it donates the colour of our Flight Deck Jerseys & Surcoats.

    So next time you are on the upper scupper and looking at the poor overworked Wafu's

    The ones in Green are the Greenie's
    Brown is for the Grubbers
    Red for the Pinkies
    White for AEO & SMR's
    Red & Black stripe is for the Bomb Heads
    We have Grey these days for the Multi traded AEM's/AET's
    Blue for the Handlers
    Yellow for the Marshellers

    Hope this has helped Ocean_girl and dont let Lamri and his stoker freaks tell you any more Fibs
  5. Liftrider is mistaken by the colour Flt Deck Jersey for Pinkys. Green and Blue is worn by Pinky Faggots. I believe red is for Stick Leaders. BTW Flt Deck Stokers wear Black and White hence there name "Badgers" (similar to beavers but don't ask !!!!!!)

    Pinkys as previously stated are Faggots (Radio Mechs / Cab wipe technicians). Greenies are Limp wristed Electricians. Grubbers are the more technical of the 3 WAFU trades as their job involves more then changing a black box or pushing in a circuit breaker.

    Look forward to your next blonde question...
  6. Greenies were any product of the Green Empire, ie. the branch who's occifers wore green between their stripes, they were usually messed seperately from the old established branches, and had rituals peculiar to their trade. They were "trained" at some out of town establishment near Fareham in Hampshire, which I believe has now become a popular venue for holidays between ships for all sorts of people who are not attached to the aforesaid Green Empire. Similarly, "Purplies" were the remnant of the Engineering branch when we used to have proper Stokers.
    Pinkies were either little fingers (insert one's pinky), or a Wardrobe euphamism for a gin and angostura.
    Grubbers must have been particular to the Wafu specialisation since I was never unfortunate enough to encounter one during my period of service.

    2BM (ex White Mafia)
  7. Here we go.........
    Pinky, (air radio/radar) Not part of the wafu training system, sidesteped from the fishhead system into the air world, normaly wears large glasses and large boots, walks over wings of aircraft doing severe damage and spends much time in the cockpit jetisoning stores and overload tanks that the Grubbers and bombheads have just fitted.

    Greenie, (air electrical) similar to pinkys, love playing in the cockpit until they blow a fuze and then run round in circles changing inverters etc, untill a grubber shouts out "Its just a fuze"

    Grubber (airfame rigger/engine fitter) Used to keep naval aircraft flying untill infiltration by tiffs, now sit in crewroom all day playing uckers, bridge, and other games untill a tiff comes in and askes politly if he can come into the hanger and sort out the problem with the aircraft.
    Ocean Girl, WOW! Could have done with a few of those in the fifties.
  8. Going back further ….. all electricians are called greenies because electrical officers used to wear green between their gold stripes.

    Stokers have always been to the front on a flight deck …in the days of fixed wing they did all the jobs the wafu were afraid to do …like arrester wire…. catapult hookup ….and holdback member.

    Flight deck fuelling (stokers) wear white with a black stripe so were called “badgers†and though the waffu plugs the hose in …..the stoker opens the line and after getting the thumbs up from the pilot switches off and defuels …then after flaking the hose in the catwalk runs back over the safe line and waits for the next one in on his spot…..

    Done it hundreds of times.
  9. Badgers did bugger all last time I was onboard apart frome take a fuel sample, drink tea and play uckers.

    I think the Wafus do all the hard work on the Flt deck these days. The only time you see stokers coming up for air is when the flt deck is open for recreation....

  10. A 35 year old blonde girl doing a jigsaw says to her partner, "can you help me? It's supposed to be a tiger"
    Her husband sighs and says "put the ******* Frosties back in the box".

    Since I joined the mob back in '87, a Greenie was an MEM(L) and also a general term given to all WEs. WEM(O)s [the only branch to have their IQ on their branch badge], were known as Oilies and us WEM(R)s were known as Pinkies. Clearly the WAFUs used the same terms where the jobs were similar.

    Cheeky barsteward!!! Just look at the time! (Mind you, the second line in my signature says it all really)

    You never found a WAFU in his rack, he was always crimping in the flight deck nets topping up his tan. And never trust them at Uckers the wierd rule playing timber-shifting bastards.
  11. Come on Jan …. You know as well as I do that an assault helicopter only carries enough fuel for one wave to give it a better payload ….so it has to be refuelled every time it lands back on…..that can be every 20 minutes …with 8 spots on the go that can be quite hectic.
    Of course the stokers make it look easy but the reality is it`s an amazing feat of organisation and professionalism…..
    So why would you deny them a bit of bronzy bronzy between flying stations….

  12. Donkeys years ago a commissioned officer had a coloured stripe between his gold bands. Green would indicate an electrical officer, so on and so forth. Are we all in agreement?
  13. Yes Dabs.

  14. Rock On 2BM, now we have someone in the know.
  15. Just my time Dabs.
    See back nine posts.

  16. MEM(L)s were created by the Engineering Branch Development (EBD) of 1979.

    Greenies who had previously looked after Engineering and Boiler Rooms (Ers & Bers) and Domestic Electrics were decanted to the ME world.

    They hated being told they were no longer Greenies, and from the sound of it, have been in denial ever since.
  17. I've woken up happy (for a change) and I'm glad no-one took my post in the wrong context (for a change), so....

    The term "Greenies" is used to signify Engineering Electrical Rates, be they Air, Marine (Engineer not Royal) or Weapons.

    Pinkies are Electronic Maintainers/Repairers. These are Air and Weapon Specs, as electronic maintainance is also covered by greenies in the M.E world.

    A Grubber is an Air Engineering term used for Mechanics (IIRC).

    Hope this helps, lets all back away from the brink of all out inter-branch flaming here, we all work together as Engineers really and help each other out where needed (well, in my experience anyway) :)

  18. Seems to sum it up quite well.
  19. OOP's, again. :thanks:
  20. Ok now I’m confused…

    I always thought I was a “Greenie†but I’m afeared that this was not true!

    Was DWEO on an MSF on the occasional weekends / fortnights between ’88 and ‘94

    Was responsible for

    All Navaids and Comms (Pinkies?)
    All Weapons (MUPPETS?)
    The Sweep Equipment including the Winch (MEML’s surely)

    Also a load of other shight that I’ll not go into, however no one ever called me “Greenie†they did however call me “Tiff Cnutâ – why is this?

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