" Pink Sheets "

During the Second World War, The Admiralty produced a voluminous, weekly report known as the “ Pink Sheets “. I believe it was some kind of vessel situation document. Does any one know what is exactly on that report and how much detail it contained ? Thank-you !


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And after the war. It was known as the Pink List and was a periodic classified list of what was where. I would imagine not so necessary nowadays.
Thank-you ! Yes, I was aware of that file and for a one week period in 1944, The KEW quoted me 365 pages of material ! Before laying out big money ( and possibly wasting that $ and time to boot ) to see it, I was hoping someone might have a page showing exactly what is on those slips. I'm pretty sure it is all now de-classified. Trying to come up with a table of organization for destroyer escort groups...

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