Pink or Brown

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. ??? :?:
  2. Snooker balls? :?

  3. If you are Snookered on the pink by the red you can always pot the brown.

    A well known snooker phrase :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. If the river runs red,take the dirt track instead!
  5. 8O Foul stroke, 4 away. 8)
  6. Nipples.
    Pink before birth and suckling........Brown after.
  7. Gordon Brown doesn't wear shirts make by Thomas Pink?

    (Hoard all of the Green ones. Then, when arriving home, fling them out onto the lawn for the weans to scramble for.)
  9. Aha!! This is a trick question.

    Answer: Pink when she puts them on, then brown when she follows through. :wink:
  10. I've potted black in the West Indies, does that count
  11. Some of you disgusting matelots and bootnecks would put your pricks where I would hesitate to put my walking stick! Does AIDS/HIV/Syphilis/Clap (can't spell gonorrhoea today!) mean feck all to you or are you so reckless with your (and your spouses') health that you would have sexual relations in orifices (orifi?) designed for excretary purposes? Give me a blow-up doll anytime! And two (nay three) orifi as well! No chance of infection there if you keep her locked away from the lecherous lower deck.
    Edited for spelling (have had laser eye threatment this a.m. and can't see bugger all.
  12. Thank you for that Wardmaster, perhaps you would come back again next week and give us a talk on drug/alcohol abuse. :D :wink:
  13. Followed by;

    It is truly wonderful how the body's self protection mechanisms work.
  14. Keeps you in a job though :wink:

    And I never bagged off out of watch so if it ain't got me now it never will (besides I had my fingers crossed at the time)
  15. That doesn't count unless you were standing in a bowl of hot water with some bleach in it! :wink:
  16. Bollix, wondered why I had this cold for so long, could also explain the cauliflower growing out my japs eye 8O :oops:
  17. Just for chaste Wreck's the Virgin Sailor :wink: :roll:

    I shagged and shagged and never cared,
    Cus I knew "Clap" could not be spared,
    He liked the army, with tanks,
    But most of all he liked the Yanks,
    The RAF he sometimes gave,
    A smally dose but most was saved,
    For fussy "One offs" and ti's true,
    He cared not for the likes of you,
    You came home clean , and disease free,
    Though you had shagged quite liberally.
    And though your oppo's all were teasing
    Twas them not you that did the squeezing. :wink:
  18. I know absolutely bugger all about drug abuse except I used to stick aspirins to foreheads with sellotape for headaches (it works!) but I do know a lot about alcohol abuse. You are an alcoholic if you drink more than your doctor, and if you drink more than some of the doctors I met in the Andrew you'd be fecking well preserved in the stuff. And I still wouldn't put my willy up a bottom! (if that's what "brown" means!) :sex:
  19. How refreshing, an RR member who took my reply in the spirit it was meant.
    You sir are a gentleman. :thumbup:
  20. Wreck the Virgin Sailor..... you could set that to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon.... :biggrin:

    Wreck the Virgin Sailor
    Lived in dear old Guzz
    Once a day he looked out for
    A funny, cauliflower growth
    When he chanced upon it
    His eyes popped out 'his head
    And he cried and cried to Mrs Wreck
    Twas not me, it was Fred!

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