Pingers V Junglies

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. (Tune: My Bonnie lies over the ocean)

    (For the uninitiated, pingers and junglies are the opposites in FAA rotary aviation. Pingers do it all, whilst junglies are transport and wish they had done better in life )

    The pingers can't hold their ale lads,
    We drink just to give them a fright
    And when they are on their milkex
    Well we'll drink on into the night

    Oh we'll all pull together
    The 845th is alive
    Oh we'll all pull together
    For flying the Wessex is fun

    Well the junglies are God's gift to flying
    A fact that is very well known
    We'll fly thro' the worst of conditions
    While the pingers are sitting at home

    We don't like the task of the Sea King
    A.S.W.'s particularly dank
    They drop their balls in the oggin
    But we'll use ours for a [email protected]

    Well we've heard of some other squadrons
    But with us they cannot compete
    When it comes to dare devil flying
    Eight four five are quite the elite

    SO listen well all of you students
    If ever you have a doubt
    Of choosing 'tween pinger and junglie
    I assure you that pingers are out
  2. the mighty 45!!!
  3. Should you not be saying the mighty 48?!

  4. ROGER DOLPHIN 126 or DOLPHIN 45 take your pick! :D
  5. :wink: Must give a mention to SAR aircrewman divers ( a young and bold at Greenwich told me they are no longer!!) Proper aircrewman and Ace of the Base :salute: :salute: IMHO
  6. Why are they called Junglies?
  7. From their time in Borneo isn't it? Their skill and generally awesomeness was appreciated by Booties and Pongo's alike, so gained the nickname.

    Feel free to shoot me down if i'm talking out my Arrse, but I think I read that thats where it comes from.
  8. Google agrees, and I would have thought so too but I was reading through the Air America website (some good reads there too) and was thrown off by many references to Junglies by mostly American writers. I wonder how the spams inherited the term Jungly.

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