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Pingers dont you, look at this !!!


War Hero
My mate did that in his Sea King once, following a snag with one of the donks. Sea King floating away quite happily, so they stepped into the dinghy (which they'd inflated by the door) and didn't even get a drop of water on them. Board of Enquiry castigated them for not evacuating the craft through the windows because it might have turned upside down and THEN they'd be in trouble :roll:

The helicopter was still in excellent shape, apart from a dodgy engine, until the salvage boat came along. They decided to tie a bit of string (I think the Fisheads call it rope or lines or something) to a towing point on the front of the helo and tow it to shore. Trouble is they were obviously getting close to going home time, so they towed it a bit too quickly and, totally oblivious to the water cascading over the nose and windows of the chopper, they managed to get its cockpit under the water and then turned it into a submarine. RN now minus one semi-serviceable SK5.

Poor bastard was killed a few years later when he stoofed his SHAR into the oggin shortly after launch. Still miss him, even if he did introduce me to my wife :cry:


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The Canuk 'Kings' have always been 'water birds'. Our machines were never finished off by Westlands to land on water as a matter of course. Emergency use only for us - meaning - ditching.


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Johnnie Eacott :angel7:( SIR) has a few mishaps, in his Gallery.:-D Sea King & Wessex

Wonder if that 824 ditching was the one in the Med with my mukka Ginge Staebler residing in the pingers seat. His Obs was a pratt, Ginge dived back to get him as he was trapped and never even got a thank you.


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Notice all the yellow maskers all over it, given enough HBM I am sure we could do the same with ours. Although the pusser hasn't that much HBM for them.

Looking at the pictures I thought I had worked on 051, the ditched Seaking although I cannot make out if it is XV649 or XV699.
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