Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by parker, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. hi all, can anyone (preferably pilot) tell me what the day to day life is like as a pilot in one of the fleet air arms junglie squadrons in peacetime and on ops and also what do you guys(and girls) generally think of the sqaudrons/pilots. thanks for any replies.

    cdt parker
  2. Sorry, Can't resist.

    1. Drop kids at school.
    2.Turn up on the Squadron, mid morning. In flying overalls, even if your not flying today.
    3. Consume your own body weight of iffs and piffs.
    4. Sign out a cab.
    5. Kick the tyres and light the fires.
    6. Treat it like a lady and take it to heaven and back. Twice.
    7. Sign it in with a long list of nebulous and spurious faults. It gives the Blue and smellies something to do for the night.
    8. Surf the net.
    9. Go home and count your flying pay.

    I do appologise to all rotary wing aviators for that, but I can't resist a dig.

    For fixed wing pilots, between 6 and 7, insert- break the aircraft. by either:- a. over temping. b. over stressing. c. flaming out. d. hitting a:- i.bird. ii. other aircraft. iii. ship. Or if none of the above work, land with your brakes on so Goodyear get a repeat order on a set covers.

    "If flying was difficult, they'd get Cheif Airfitters to do it Sir."
  3. thats really quite funny :lol:

  4. Sorry, did't get the joke. I'm rotary and that DOES describe my average day at work!

    Except for the kids... I have a very fast and expensive sports car instead.

    I fail to see the downside!
  5. 1. First off ensure your daddy owns hampshire!
    2. Arrive at work in either your TVR or Porsche boxster
    3. Like above keep flying ovies on whether flying or not
    4. Sit in Planning working out a route where you can fly over daddies estate and still put it down as "training" whilst you're at it plan a weekend jaunt to europe for £40k all at the taxpayers expense
    5. When signing aircraft out make small talk to groundcrew in a demeaning and belittling voice
    6. Fly for 90 minutes and radio in a major unserviceability
    7. Sign in aircraft and snag everything your fingers have touched (if its friday mention over temping, not enough power, excessive vibration)
    8. Hand in survival equipment
    9. Sit in office doing "de brief" discussing new TVR you are thinking of adding to your ever expanding car empire! or about that hot blonde who works in the wardroom
    10. Leave your recent payslip loafing knowing that the young AB who is duty keys (who earns £42 a day) will pick it up and read it and be pleasantly upset by your copious amounts of pay.
    11. Drop roof on car turn on cd to TOP GEAR Anthems and smile/wave to ground crew as they walk out to aircraft to get it ready for ground run/jacking/engine change

    rant over!
  6. What a sad stovie grubber!

  7. Im enlisting myself right now...
  8. Presumably you're not serious. If you are, I look forward to seeing you at grading!
  9. Sadly, im not serious. give me a year until im out of uni and applying. Best of look with the process!
  10. FINALLY! An honest WAFU!! You forgot to mention the five star hotels in foreign climes when essential work is required. :D

  11. ... and the retention bonuses!!

  12. yes the retention bonuses paid to aircrew to stop them leaving the Service, when in truth, they havent got any intention of leaving. Who thought of that one....classic accounting of Tax payers money!
  13. I'll have you know that my retention bonus handles like a dream, and the all-inclusive safari to Kenya was brilliant.....

    And I was going to stay in anyhow...Not my fault I was eligible.. :roll:
  14. Can we just confirm that only zoomies get to stay in hotels when all goes wrong..........
  15. Who are the ones that have got it wrong, "Hmmmm Slit Trench or Holiday Inn, let me get back to you on that one". Still these days even our fast jet chums are combat ready and know the difference between an SA 80 and an FB 5X. Rumour has it though they have developed a special waterproof duvet for them to use in the slit trenches, I mean you have to have some home comforts when you are working with the RAF. :lol:
  16. Ha, love the thread. I have to ask though... I just passed my Flight aptitude at Cranwell on the 24th Apr - I got Average for Pilot and Excellent for Observer. So I guess that means I'll be put into the Observer pipeline assuming I pass the AIB (set for 22nd-24th May) and grading! But I gotta ask, can someone answer the same original question for the day-to-day life of an observer!!! Humourous and serious replies welcomed :D cheers!

    Oh and if anyone was at the Aptitude on the 23rd-24th April, PM me! be good to compare AIB dates or and catch up!
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Now then, when I used to fly Harriers on the Illustrious...
  18. When I used to direct the cabs up to the Cats and the pilots would wave and nod.........................
  19. In that case when you get bored of your Playstation 3 can I have a go?
  20. Ok I'll try to give you a serious answer, God knows why....

    You'll be busy regardless. 45/46/47 are heavily committed to Ops, so there is always preparation for something. There are regular detachments as well, so again you'll be busy. Add on to that whichever secondary duties your SPLOT allocates you, and you'll always have something to do, regularly too much to do.

    Add into this that flying is your primary duty, and one sortie can easily take up half a day, and you'll begin to see the workload. Oh yes, and as a gash pilot you'll be resposible for groundruns and CTF's as well.

    However, having said all that, it's a great amount of fun. The people at all levels are normally great chaps/ chapesses. To me it's the right balance between the crabs and the AAC, where the former don't stretch or challenge themselves and consequently are almost always spoilt w*nkers, and the latter to whom flying is a secondary duty, and are given huge amounts of pointless tasks.

    Ops is a pretty similar scenario, except noise complaints tend to be done with an AK47...

    Hope that helps.

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