pilot with no A levels

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jimmy18lfc, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. is there any way you can be a pilot without actually having A levels ?
  2. yes, buy your own aeroplane
  3. No :eek:
  4. If you can find about £80000 you can be an airline pilot.However there may be a few awkward questions about why you don't have any A levels!
  5. Yes but it's a bloody long way round. You'd have to join as a rating then after a while apply for a CW (commisioned warrant). This is no short term thing though. You are talking years, 3+ and even then you'd have to still pass all the other normal tests such as FAT's and AIB plus all the hoops you have to jump through as a CW candidate. The Army take on NCO aircrew but again you need to give, I think, 3 years normal service before transfering to pilot after passing FAT's and grading.
  6. No! But if you do get to fly, private puddle jumpers you'll learn all about flight levels!!!!!! :wink:
  7. Yes, you can have Scottish Highers... :p
  8. You could go the Brown route (either RM or Army Air Corps) and after passing all the nescessary (medicals tests, training serving as an other rank etc etc etc ) apply for pilot training.
    It will take a lot longer and require just as much mental effort as studying for and then sitting A levels.
    If you're at all capable of going the A level route first and then applying I'd recommend you do that.
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Or........you could be a "run ashore" pilot, no A levels required. Just the ability to keep a straight face.
  10. Why not try writing to the Queen or Prince Charles and asking then to adopt you.
    Their kids a;ways seem to do well :p
  11. Why do you want to be a pilot, it's bloody dangerous!!!!
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Correct, you would literally be on a wing & a prayer with categorically no guarantee of achieving your goal.

    You would have to join as a rating with 5 GCSE's (including maths & English A*-C), complete phase two training & later apply for FATs once recommended, followed by a successful pass at AIB.

    Whilst it has been achieved, it's probably more of a certainty dropping Richard Branson a line to ask.
  13. I read somewhere on this forum (I can't find it now, nor can I remember who even posted it) that if you're a rating, apply for a commission and fail the chance of you being allowed to go back as a rating is slim. Is that true?

    Secondly, out of curiosity really, can anyone from any branch apply to do FATs?
  14. I know of a Chef who went this route, he was however VERY focused, and did well.
    He was rotary wing and not fast jets. He left after 10 years flying is and Now pond hoping for Branson.

    By the way he's a very nice chap
  15. I have a couple of mates who bypassed the system so to speak.

    One joined as a rating, did his GCSE's whilst in the mob as a Killick. He was drafted to Harriers after getting his RN Pilots wings.

    Another, did an exchange with the AAC as a Killick aircrewie, got his Pilots license. Left the RN, joined Percy Pongo as a Pilot. He now flys the Airbus A300 for a big Airline.

    If you want it - it's there to be had. (And neither had A levels.)

    You just got to want it.

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