Pilot wings on No 1 and No 2 Dress?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by penguin, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. I have just transfered over to the RN from the Army and have a query regarding pilot wings on No 1 and No 2 dress. Whilst at BRNC drawing my kit I asked if I should wear Army pilot wings or Navy as I had undertaken the Army Pilot Course and not the Navy one, but I was unable to get a definitive answer even after looking through the relevant dress regs and asking around. I am just wondering if anybody here could possibly help me out with an answer. Thanks in advance.
  2. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    If you have qualified as a pilot via the AAC, then I believe that the Army wings are appropriate. I seem to remember meeting the occasional RM pilot wearing army wings. I guess the best people to ask would be the RM elements in the jungly squadrons
  3. I'm going to disagree and suggest that you should wear RN wings. Find the Air Training Officer at BRNC and ask him to be certain.

    The RM wear Army wings because that's what's in the dress regs, but I very much doubt you'll wear AAC wings once your cross-over is complete. By way of example, I joined BRNC with an ex TA Para qualified guy. He wore RN para wings, not Army ones.
  4. I have met an RAF officer who was AAC and he wears AAC wings on his crab uniform.
  5. Thanks for the answers so far, it is a bit of a strange one I just dont want to upset anybody by wearing the wrong ones. I am at VL on Monday so will ask about when I am there.
  6. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I think you'll find that the wings awarded after flying training go with the person, you will only get RN wings if you complete RN flying training.....
  7. The Army guys on 847 who transferred to the RN all wore Army wings, pop into 847 when you are there and ask.
  8. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    there you go....
  9. Surely Naval flying training is far superior, you will have to do it again anyway!!!

    I don't know the answer sorry?
  10. Pilot wings are a badge of qualification as a military pilot not an acknowledgement of how he gained that qualification. You should therefore most definitely wear the military flying badge of your current service.

    An Army pilot who has earned his flying badge via the Army course is entitled to wear an RAF or RN pilots badge if he transfers; each is seen as a direct equivalent.

    As an example, there has been at least one Army SNCO who I know of who transferred to the RAF in a ground branch having lost a flying med cat. He was entitled to wear an RAF brevet. Similarly, an RAF cpl who transferred to the AAC to train as a pilot completed his flying trg with the Army prior to formal transfer between services. Much to the delight of the AAC, he wore RAF pilot wings for around 6 weeks as a cpl prior to changing his uniform.

    Likewise, RN observers who have transfered to the RAF are entitled to wear a WSO brevet. There are a few peculiarities (eg RN FCs who have qualified on the E-3D AWACS may wear an RAF FC brevet because there is no direct equivalent) but by and large, personnel who keep wearing their former service's insignia are doing so for old times sake and against QRs.

    You should wear RN wings.

  11. Essentially you can wear either. On our squadron we have an ex army guy who wears his army wings on his mess kit, Navy wings on his 1's but has both sets of wings for his grow bag. He was recently picked up by a 2 star who knew him from previous service in a brown suit for not wearing army wings on his navy 1's.

    After all which wings were you originally issued with??
  12. Thanks for the rest of the replies and after taking these into account and also seeking advice from a senior officer in the FAA about the issue I am going to go with the Army wings unless told otherwise.
  13. Interesting advice and decision penguin. I assume that you'll be wearing your Army wings on the sleeve rather than the chest? If not, best you don't qualify as a submariner!!

    The dagger is certainly approved for RAF No1s and I'm pretty certain I've seen them on naval uniform.

  14. MM

    Thanks for your posts. Just edited my last post as I found the answer.
  15. What a load of cock.

    It's diferent I grant you but to say superior. :pukel:

    Flying training in any service is to pass on general flying techniques.

    Then flying training on type specific aircraft ending in learning to 'fight' the machine.

    To say any particular service's flying training is better is arrogant.

    If I had earned a set of wings in any service I would be proud to have them on display. However! If transfering to another service than I would wear my new service wings on my uniform as a matter of course.
  16. Doesn't matter which service you are in, when you get your Red Wings don't shout about it.
  17. Never seen a quiet Hells Angel yet!! :twisted: :twisted:

  18. I was taking the P*ss
  19. I could tell by the look on your face!!!! :roll: :scratch:

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