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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by RAFFER, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. right folkes ive just been and done PJFT and the afco said they will be in touch very soon im just asking what happens next im going for pilot i thought it was AIB next but led to believe i have to do FAT before that how long will i be waiting from now till FAT's
  2. I'm assuming you haven't had a sift interview yet or you would have had the order sussed. If that is the case you will need to pass that before you do your FATs.
  3. cheers mate no i aint passed that yet been told that will be in the next 4 weeks
  4. Well the elements are:

    Application Form
    Sift Interview

    Sometimes medical and PJFT are pre-Sift interview sometimes they are after, in your case it appears to be after.
  5. Still aways to go before you queue outside the flying clothing store for flying boots, watch and sun glasses!!!! :lol: :lol:
  6. Got as far as reading your name RAFfer that was enough for me :?
  7. A nice (or not) man or woman will soon be asking you many questions on your knowledge, including Service knowledge, training pipeline and RECRUITMENT PIPELINE.

    Do some reading good sir/ma'am!

    Best of luck.
  8. You didn't think to ask at the AFCO??
  9. Pilot.

    Jesus wept.
  10. i didnt ask in the afco no i knew it was one or the other i knew i had my presift interview before hand anyway i just wondered if FAT was before AIB or vica versa cheers for people who supply decent feedback on and the nickname RAFfer i know it seems a bit of a coincidence but life is like that
  11. and breathe! 8O
  12. Is English no longer a compulsory language for would be pilots? 8O

  13. I wouldn't bother mate. Look around your keyboard for the following:

    Fullstop - looks like this .
    Comma - looks like this ,
    Caps lock button. Has Caps Lock on it

    and then try to put some grammar into your posts. Buy yourself a good dictionary.
  14. Sorry guys didn't i realise typing a quick reply on a forum was part of the tests. I guess im not going to pass this aspect so i might as well as not try now, cheers for the info.
  15. It isn't. However not being a lazy cunt and using correct English and Grammar when expressing oneself in any environment is.
  16. Well maybe you ought to take a little time to read your own statements, i thought you should have put grammar instead of Grammar.
  17. I'm only a plebian, I am allowed such shortcomings. I suggest you aim lower, try Chef.
  18. To RAFFER, you are right online grammar is not part of the selection process. However it is nice to make your posts readable if you are going to ask people to take the time to give you advice. Simply a little respect and courtesy, an important officer trait.

  19. But wouldn't that mean that he has to "review" his "posts in hawk-eye detail before submitting in place of having an actual life"?

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