pilot shortage???


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I was speaking to someone at work today about my application to the FAA. He said his wife works in something to do with armed forces personnel and she said there's a shortage of pilots at the moment...surely this can't be true.

And seeing as I'm here writing this post, I might as well also ask...

I've received a letter in the post inviting me to one of those AFCO presentations about "what the navy has to offer, including information on jobs, training and travel opportunities".

At this stage is it all still very informal? Is it just a case of turning up dressed smart/casual and sitting through while taking notes? When I was thinking of joining the RAF, everyone seemed to say it was best to turn up in a suit for this first presentation, which I don't understand as I've not even applied for the job yet and assume the presentation is more a chance for me to find out more about what I'm applying for, before I actually apply.

Sorry I've gone on a bit there. Basically, smart and tie or smart no tie?
Suit and tie, mate.

The chap giving you the presentation will probably be the officer who will conduct your pre-AIB interview which will make up part of the selection process. Best to make a good first impression, eh?


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Thanks for the info. Funny how I feel like I'd look a right lemon walking through the centre of Leeds with a suit on, as I'm not the suit wearing type. Yet I'm guessing at lunch time on a Friday half the people around me will be business men on their lunch breaks. Wearing suits. Ha.


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Don't read too much into the "pilot shortage", at the moment a lot of civvy Pilots are losing their jobs and I know a lot of mates still serving who are about to leave and have had interview's and sim rides cancelled. A lot of them have tried to sign back on some without success.
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