Pilot pipeline blanks


Just waiting on my sift interview date now so getting lots of revision in. I just have a couple of questions regarding the pipeline.

I believe the grading is 7 weeks long and it covers the fundamental aspects of flying (theory and practical) to make sure that you are competent enough to go on to EFT?

Also I've been looking all morning for information regarding the aircrew (Air 424) survival course. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's just over 4 weeks long and it covers things like first aid, sea survival. It even includes about a week(?) in New Forest with no food, water etc and have to survive by finding resources, killing chickens and evading capture or am I waaaaaay off the ball here?

Can someone please enlighten me with more information (or corrections) regarding Air 424?

Many thanks.


RadioSilence said:
I think that information is available somewhere - I had originally applied for AOP, and I remember reading a sheet that laid out the timeline for training for observers, as well as both rotary and fixed wing pilots. I'm not sure where I got this though - I have a feeling it was in my information pack that my school had. If you can't find this, there is a live chat tomorrow on the RN website, with a pilot. You could always post a question for him!

I believe this link (Page 4 and 5) is the document you were looking for.


Hi perksy where did you get the extra info about pilot training from? e.g. survival courses etc.

I also have a question, the Rn website seems to contradict itself about grading. In the BRNC officer training it says grading is at RNAS yeovilton on the Grob tutor but under pilot training it says it's at plymouth on a light piston aircraft.

To me the former sounds more accurate, but just thought I'd check.


Hi James,

I'm using the pipeline found in this document on pages 4 and 5, then I'm basically searching Google and these forums for information about each part.

I haven't found a lot of info but check out Ninja's post in this thread. I'm hoping someone can shed more light on it.

Like you I think the former is more accurate, mainly because it's more detailed. Eurgh, I've come across quite a bit of contradicting information as well.

SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Extraction) training, which is right before you go on to the front line, looks well fun.


Yeah SERE sounds fun, are you going for heli or fixed wing?

Btw Do you know what the abbreviations on the pipeline mean?

e.g. DO Course in BRNC, 1 week SPO 1 week NBCD5 in aircrew warfare course, and what is air 287 Lynx SRU


Also re your questions before grading is to determine your propensity for fixed or rotary wind as well as checking your ability to complete training etc.


I'm on the current flight at Dartmouth (passed out) so any specific questions just send me a PM and I'll get back to you individually.