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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by comeflywithme, Aug 13, 2016.

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  1. Just to clear up if I were to be selected as a pilot what is the pipeline post BRNC? As in which RAF bases for basic fixed wing (grob tutor?) And basic rotary (squirrel)? Then to HMS Heron/RNAS Yeovilton for wildcat and Merlin CHF specialisation or HMS Seahawk/RNAS Culdrose for ASW merlin?

    And what are people's experiences of those establishments? I've only had some experience of RNAS Yeovilton.

    If any of that I'd wrong please point it out

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  2. Not setting your sights higher for JSF then?
  3. It's not that I'm not setting my heights higher, I just like the idea of being a helicopter pilot more, could give a definite reason why though!

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  4. Now why would any pilot wish to fly an angry Palm Tree when fast jets are available:(
  5. Because you can still barrel roll a wildcat don't need a jet for that...

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  6. Going to the AFCO or indeed the AIB and saying I'm not interested in the JSF and would rather fly helicopters does not show ambition to be the best? Surely if you go along with the attitude that second best is where you want to be to be doesn't show you're willing to strive for better things? just saying:)
  7. You can roll a Lynx, however I think that if you did your C.O. would be having a chat with you negative coffee.:(
  8. I rolled an Astra once, my DO just took the piss!
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  9. I see your point Joint_Force_Harrier , and thanks for the advice re attitude to that at AIB, I'm not saying I wouldn't take JSF if I achieved that, that would still be awesome just at this moment in time I prefer the idea of flying helicopters, to be honest now you mention it I need to brush up on knowledge of JSF training pipeline, if you've got experience if it id be interested in hearing about it!

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  10. Not me matey, I left when Harriers, Seaking and Lynx Mk3 were still flying

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