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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by killkid, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. Hello am wondering what the eyesight requirements are for a naval pilot, the naval careers office didn't know. I read somewhere it had to be 6/12 minimum to be a pilot can this be confirmed?
  2. After searching around the net for sometime on this kind of info I can fill you in on the details as I am applying to be a pilot and already done my initial eyesight test. WHen you pass your RT you will be given an opticians form and you can see the standards that need to be achieved on there, and for pilot/observer you need to be in standard 1 - which is 6/12 unaided, 6/6 aided, and refraction limit -0.75. Hope this helps.
  3. need to have eyesight like an hawk in a power dive, if im flying with you Sir 12/12 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Oh yes. :twisted:
  5. Hi there,

    I'm new to Navy Net and have just signed up to get some info on pilot eyesight requirements. I meet all of the requirements, however I have a small squint. I must have passed the previous eye test to get an AIB date, but I was wondering whether the law on squints was black and white?

    Thanks in advance
  6. Revisiting this again! I am most surprised your careers office couldn't supply you with eyesight requirements!!!

    Sure you went into a careers office and not the offy next door!!!!!!!
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  7. Looking at the state of some of the fanny pilots trapped it would seem that their eyesight was sometimes a little suspect:love:
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  8. Pretty sure! I have all of the numerical requirements for pilot eyesight, but nothing on whether they accept squints of any nature..
  9. Hmm ... might come unstuck on visual fields!
  10. yes if you are a friend of the Winkey w****y bird, and the Wafus ,dont throw sand in your eyes =D :bounce:
  11. Apparently my visual fields are normal. Do you think that as long as I fulfil all of the requirements that it'll be alright regardless of the squint?
  12. It will be up to the MO who does the medical I'm afraid ... if he/she thinks that you meet the flying criteria then fine ... otherwise not. Its a long time since I did any air medical work however I do remember that it wasn't just a case of good vision, there were also visual fields, colour perception & slit lamp tests to take into consideration. When I was still in we still had fast jet jockeys however now its just rotary but I can't remember if there was any difference between the visual requirements for fast jet vs rotary and out of all the candidates we saw aspiring to be pilots failed on the visual aspects more than anything else. You can only try!

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