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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by FAA_Freddie, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. I put into the navy careers search engine that i have 5 gcses at grade 1-3 and one of the search results was pilot, i have been thinking about applying for RAF or AAC but i dont have highers whick they require, is the navy requirement of 5gcses correct or is there some sort of fault in the system? i have read a prospectus thing that says i can start flying and gain a foundation degree at the same time and the nevy will pay for it and pay me a full wage, is this true or is it just recruiting nonsence to get me into the careers centre? also what are the fitness requirements for a pilot? (e.g mile and a half run, pressups situps ect) cheers.
  2. You need 180 UCAS points to be an officer, I believe. If you use the search function you'll be able to find more info.

    Good luck.
  3. i have an NC level 2 award and core skills in numeracy and communications and i am planning to do an int 2 in english so how many ucas points would that be? i cant make any sence out of the ucas website so could someone help me or at least give me a clue as to what it all means, thanks
  4. This is courtesy of Ninja Stoker (all knowing AFCO advisor) on another thread which I can't find, just the reference to this:

  5. I alwways wanted to be a pilot ever since i was a little kid, but reality kicked me ***********, never mind.
  6. thanks mate thats helped
  7. Freddie

    Are you still at school?
  8. no i left last year and went to college
  9. Can you add up your points using this, Freddie?

  10. Wouldn't think so Soleil, he has only achieved NC level 2, that would be 11 plus in my day :p
  11. :roll: So he wont have the nickname of "Fast Freddie"
  12. Another potential taxi driver!!!!!

    Good luck!
  13. I'm slightly alarmed about this post, wondering if you can help any further.

    I'm wanting to join the FAA as aircrew also, I'm already a qualified pilot and have a BSc degree however I'm starting to think my high school qualifications may let me down slightly.

    Does the 180 UCAS points = Highers/A-Levels + GSCEs


    Your total Highers/A-Levels put together?
  14. As far as i'm aware GCSE's don't count towards your UCAS points tally. I take it your UCAS points were high enough to gain entry to a uni, but don't meet the 180 point requirement for pilot?
  15. They're high enough, but because they chop Scottish Highers at D and any Int 2's, it's going to cause me problems I think.
  16. Probably best to get in touch with your AFCO about this one, I'm surprised they are chopping Highers/AS levels at D and C respectively, thats a tad harsh in my book!
  17. In fact, yeah because they're only accepting grades which are 45 and above this is going to cause me major problems.
  18. Just because you are already a Pilot doesn't mean you are capable of being a Mil Pilot. What license do you hold?

    Remember at the minute the Mil can be very picky with Quals.
  19. I never in anyway shape or form said that because I was a civi pilot I would be any good or deserve to be a Mil pilot.

    They're recruiters at the end of the day and if that's what they want, then that's what they want I just need to work out how I can get what they want :?
  20. You can start the topping up process by contacting some colleges to find a part-time A-Level / Scottish equivalent course that suits you. Some colleges offer intensive courses that take a year, with tuition. Alternatively there are correspondence learning packages available online that can be done as slowly or as fast as you like and have several exam dates a year. A subject like English would suit correspondence learning because it does not depend on a high degree of tuition and has a high 'blag'-factor. Similarly with History.

    Edited for unwarranted testiness.

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