Pilot denies 'rape by deception'

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. The "cream" was expensive wasn't it??? What a good scam! Might try that myself if all women are that gullible. :lol:
  2. Well she was Welsh.
  3. If she's a teacher is it any wonder that today's children need easier exams, to handle their limited learning! I'm glad I left school when I did!
  4. This woman is past blonde and that I am!!! Cream?!?!? Sex?!?!? My goodness, I've heard excuses to get your end away in my time.....but this?!?!?! lol I would have said 'no, I know a cure mate.....we put the cream round your rear and shove a large sharp object up there.....and then I would have took a pic, posted it on the internet and duly walked out...with sharp object still in his rear......
  5. I must say that I know personally, of a very similar thing, and not only was it the girls but their mothers that instigated it

    I am now relating to 1940-1955
    An optician, respected member of the community in those times, used to also run his homeopathy business there

    He had just the thing for teenage girls, with tension headaches and generally not feeling good, it was to break the hymen and apply therapy

    He had mothers with daughters queuing out the door for the miracle cure
    the daughters did not tell and the mothers spread the word of how their whole outlook on life had changed ;-)

    At 84 he married his 22 year-old secretary who did me out of my inheritance bitch :-(
  6. lol what tha feck got her a job in teaching daft bint

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