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Hello Everyone,

I am new to this website and I have a small question about my pilots application.

I recently applied for a scholarship for the Royal Navy as a pilot and during my initial medical the Naval Doctor feared that I may have breathing problems because I was given an inhaler when I was younger for a chest infection.

Anyway long story short I come from a Naval family and i have been told by several people that because this was a false diagnosis if I leave my application for a few years such as until after University I will be able to reapply and I will have dropped of the radar (sorry) enough to get through the process the second time. I was wondering if someone can confirm this will be possible or if these people are giving me false hopes.

The other option i was told about was to join as a warfare officer and then ask to transfer across and they will be more relaxed because i am already a member of the navy.

Any information on this matter would be greatly appreciated thanks!
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